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Wolfgang, Master Auto Tech
Category: Car
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Experience:  Master, L1, L2, ASE 15yrs and running.
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bentley speed: i have 2008 bentley speed and I am haveing the

Customer Question

i have 2008 bentley speed and I am haveing the spoiler stuck up , i scanned it vas pc and the code was basic setting is wrong/inisalization , how would i do the log in when i don't have the code ?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Wolfgang replied 4 years ago.

Eurocar Inc. : Hello there! I'm Eurocar ! I will try to assist you as much as I can. Quality research = Quality answer!!What scan tool do you have please. Some scan tools cannot do the relearn of the spoiler. Thanks
JACUSTOMER-ing3uzo0- : I have VAS 5054A , and I have launch x431, and vag com , with launch x431 I have full menu , from my understanding I have to do a login and it will be done , once I click log in it asks me to inpute 5 digit or 7 digit code , I tried the Audi and VW codes 13861 and 01283 and login failed .
Eurocar Inc. :

since you have have vas 5054a do you have the brand disc of bentley?

JACUSTOMER-ing3uzo0- : Yes my software is vw Audi and Bentley !
Eurocar Inc. :

have you tried to use guided functions menu and perform basic settings?

Eurocar Inc. :

if you are not familiar let me know and i can assist.

JACUSTOMER-ing3uzo0- :

yes I have used the guided functions and there is no basic settings there and would not pick up the fault , my question is simple and clear , i need to know the number to login and once I login i think it will do the basic settings , do you have the basic settings and login code ? thats all i need , for the basic settings i tried 01 and 1 no luck .

Eurocar Inc. : Im trying to get that info. I have done this before but I do not believe there is a login #.
Eurocar Inc. : Im lookin in my factory info I have some at home and some at work
Eurocar Inc. : let me see what I can find.
JACUSTOMER-ing3uzo0- : The code it says wrong basic settings / insulsation , can we do this over a phone or it has to be here?
Eurocar Inc. : Due to site regulations phone contact no go! Sorry
Eurocar Inc. : Maybe if you load teamviewer 5 I can remote to your laptop and see what is going on!
Eurocar Inc. : Where are you located?
JACUSTOMER-ing3uzo0- : I will download it first thing in the morning , my email is [email protected]
Eurocar Inc. : I cannot see your email it has been x'ed out
Eurocar Inc. : I'm in cleveland
Eurocar Inc. : I'm heading to bed I will get with you I the morning sometime
JACUSTOMER-ing3uzo0- : I have teamviewer, when can you connect ?
Eurocar Inc. : Where are you located?
JACUSTOMER-ing3uzo0- : I took the car for a friend of mine and he got it done for me ,I have one more thinks maybe you can help me , the car I have it came in without a cluster , I put a used one , on the older models you can correct the km or milage from obdii ,same with Audi and vw , since this 2008 speed got the vw electronics how can I access and correct the milage useing vas ps ?
Eurocar Inc. :

cannot at all doing vas pc unless it has less than 20 miles on the odometer

JACUSTOMER-ing3uzo0- : What software do I need
Eurocar Inc. :


Eurocar Inc. :

you need a software like vag dash can to get the dump file off of the cluster then need to have hex editor to change the mileage. then load back the new revised dump to the cluster

Eurocar Inc. :

note if you make one wrong move you can kiss that cluster goodbye!!

Eurocar Inc. :

be very careful on this!!

JACUSTOMER-ing3uzo0- : I have the software , I have never used hex editor , when do you have time to go on team viewer and help me ?
Eurocar Inc. :

the problem on that is the cluster version

Eurocar Inc. :

i think it is either rb4 or a rb8 it is very hard to do those because they are encripted and i do not have the capability to do those clusters

Eurocar Inc. :

other clusters are alot eaiser but the rb4 and rb8 are a bear to do!!