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Transmissions 04 Nissan Titan LE Crew Cab: I own a 2004 Nissan

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I own a 2004 Nissan Titan and I'm experiencing trouble with the auto transmission or the torque converter. All the time, When I start out from a dead stop the truck moves ok, but nothing like it use to. The Titan use to 'lunge forward' and burn rubber when you barely touched the accelerator. Today it is more like it is lumbering forward. When parked on an incline, you must raise the RPM's pretty high before my truck starts to move. (forward or backward) I can't do a stall test because it has limited slip rear end and traction control. It's a LE Crew Cab Titan and everything is stock. This problem has resulted in mileage loss and the lack of performance is my main issue. Only one time I experienced this: I was driving My Titan on the freeway about 70 MPH and started up a slight grade, my Titan's RPM's suddenly jumped up by 2,000 RPM and I was losing speed.
It only lasted a few seconds and then corrected itself. It felt like someone downshifted the transmission, but it was not the case. I took it into the Nissan dealer, they checked it
out but said they couldn't find anything. It never happened again. that was about 25,000 miles ago. I have 125,000 on it today. Do you know the best way I can narrow down the culprit to my problem? Tom
Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX you checked for any transmission codes in the computer?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My Titan has never displayed any codes of any type on it's own.

(That's why the dealer said nothing was wrong) I have created a situation

to make my Titan display a code, and it will. I then just erase the code.


it sounds like the transmission is slipping, how did you read the codes? with a scanner or code reaser?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hey Tim, I used a scanner. The transmission is slipping not the torque converter?

Just curious, how did you diagnose that? Also, do you know the stall speed for the torque converter on my stock Titan, and can you confirm: Dealer tells me that there is no filter to change in my that true ?

I was just going by the symptom you are having, but it should set a code for a gear ratio problem, if it was slipping, are you sure its a trans problem, and not a performance problem?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Like I said:


My Titan has never displayed any codes of any type on it's own.


The engine runs strong and smooth. It doesn't mis-fire or anything like that.


If I park on an incline, say in a parking space where the front of the truck is slightly downhill and the front tire is up against the cement tire stop, when I put the shifter in reverse, I will have to rev the engine up to about 1500 rpm before the truck starts moving backwards. My truck use to start moving when in reverse at idle. Wouldn't that change in rpm's to move my truck suggest a problem in the transmission or the converter?

Yes, if it does not move until 1500 rpms, then it is either a bad convertr or the clutches in the trnasmission are slipping, you will need a scanner to see if the there is a major difference between the input speed sensor and the output, if there is, then its a mechanical problem in the trans, if not, then its most likely bad converter,Tim
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What is a major speed difference between the input sensor and the output sensor? Do you know the stall speed on the Titan?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.