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suzuki verona: 04 suzuki verona 1449 troublecode high idle

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04 suzuki verona 1449 troublecode high idle when refeuling pump clicks stops a lot
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The P1449 code sets when the evaporative emission system vent solenoid sticks in the closed position. This solenoid should open to vent air to the fuel vapor recovery system from the fuel tank and charcoal canister. If the vent valve sticks closed, the tank will not vent properly and the tank will be hard to fill, just as you have experienced. The vent solenoid will need to be replaced to fix this condition. This solenoid is located under the vehicle, near the fuel tank and charcoal canister.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

whatabout high idle


High idle will typically be caused by a vacuum leak (bad vacuum hose or leaking manifold gasket) or a bad idle air control valve at the throttle body. Check for leaks first by idling the engine and spraying carburetor cleaner spray around the throttle body and manifold area. If the idle changes, you have a leak, if not then the idle air control valve is sticking and should be replaced.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

you recently gave me a response it was wrong it was ect sensor running too rich causes high idle and causes purge canister to lock up

I can see where the ect sensor can cause the engine to run too rich, this should set other trouble codes (P0172 engine rich) or ect sensor codes. High idle will not normally cause the purge canister valve to lock up. The engine is running at higher rpm down the road when the computer energizes the canister valves. If the canister valve problem was not addressed, the P1449 code will likely return.