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I am stilll stuck on my transmission question- I did everything

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I am stilll stuck on my transmission question- I did everything Steve S told me to do (changed the forward clutch and the shift sensor) but I still have the same problem. Could it be the Computer?

Hi, I took a minute to read your last post. When you replaced the forward clutch was the clutch burnt up? Which shift solenoid did you change or did you replace the electronic presurre control colenoid ? Was the valve body gaskets blown out or did you make any modifications to the valve body for the seperator plate or epc modification? Didnt catch the year of the truck. No codes and did the forward clutch rubber band insert in the forward clutch pack get replaced with the lip seals and all?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
My wife's truck is a 2001 Ford Ranger. I took the truck to Kalakaua Trans , they did the the repairs on the trans- they changed out everything but when I went to pick it up they said they could not figure out what was wrong.
Ok, I would suspect an issue with the valve body for one, being a trans shop they have some updated parts for the EPC(line pressure control) solenoid in the valve body and a new seperator plate, this should have been updated and if the forward clutch wa worn, at the bottom of the forward clutch pack is a rubber band insert which is used to cushion the forward clutch engagement and should have also been replaced with the trans repair if the forward clutch was worn and an endplay check of the clutch pack. If there are no codes, a line pressure check should be done again, you didnt mention if it is still all gear upshifts or just forward or reverse engagement.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
When you start it and put in gear with the pressure gauge on the pressure goes up to 360 psi. I'm not to sure what the transmission shop replaced but they said nothing was wrong with the forward clutch but all the selinoids were changed. All gears on the up shift not the reverse shifts hard.
Ok, sounds like an EPC issue or problem in the main control valve body for the pressure to be driven that high. Most valve body updates are done for low line pressure you are way high over spec at idle and just barely over at wide open throttle. Since its all electronically controlled and you have no codes I would be looking in the valve body for a pressure regulator valve hanging since it hasnt changed since last repair i would assume they used the right valve body gaskets.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Is that the computer?
no, the valve body bolts to the bottom of the trans once you remove the pan. the trans shop should have gone through it when they tore the trans down and overhauled it. the trans shop should recheck the repair since you paid them to overhaul the trans.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I did not pay for anything they said they couldn't figure out what was wrong
Ok well Id still be looking into the valve body, it has valve thta move to regulate pressure as long as there are no codes indicating a problem with one of the solenoids or line pressure control solenoid.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I will look into that- the overdrive light is flashing now.
Ok great, see if you can find out what code is being set other than a incorrect gear ratio for 2nd or 3rd gear for instance.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Still no codes
Ok you might need to use a different type of scan tool since not all transmission codes will display on a generic scan tool reader. With the OD light flashing on and off it is definately setting a code and indicating an issue. The EPC solenoid is what controls the line pressure in the valve body. For it to be that high it is either being commanded high or an issue with a pressure regulating valve in the body of restriction in the pump or other hydraulic circuit. Try a different scan tool since some of the trans codes are Proprietary to Ford and require a higher end reader to identify and also be able to look at live sensor data and monitor circuit faults with the EPC or Shift Solenoids and Torque Convertor Clutch solenoid.