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carguyjosh, ASE Certified Technician
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I have a 1995 Suzuki Sidekick that was involved in a collision.

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I have a 1995 Suzuki Sidekick that was involved in a collision. (I rear ended another vehicle.) All of the electronics inside the vehicle work but it won't even try to turn over. I checked the fuses and they are good. Is there some kind of safety switch?

carguyjosh :

Good afternoon.

There are safety switches that can prevent the starter from cranking the engine. Do you have a test light or multi-meter to test the starting system?
Also, do you have a automatic or manual transmission?

Please let me know..Thanks, Josh



I have an automatic transmission, I can get a test light

carguyjosh :

The first thing that I would like to have you check is for power to the small wire at the starter motor while an assistant holds the key in the crank position.

It is possible that the starter solinoid was damaged in the accident. It may be as simple as a failed starter..Please let me know what you find and we'll work our way backwards through the system until we find the problem.


carguyjosh :

If it would be helpful, I can get you the wiring diagram for the circuit



okay - I need to locate my test light so it may be a little while until I can reply - sorry

carguyjosh :

Take your time..



I tested the wire onto the solinoid, I can't see the starter that great or a small wire going to it, a wiring diagram would be great.

carguyjosh : I will be back online shortly. I'm out running errands. Ill send the diagram as soon as I get home. Thanks. Josh

Was messing around trying to trace the ignition wires and tried the key several more times and it started. So I guess we are done?? Not sure how this works

carguyjosh : If you had hit the key several times and then it started, it really sounds like a starter. Just let me know if it acts up again but I think that I'd be likely replacing the starter.
carguyjosh : Thanks. Josh.

Will do thanks for all your help. Should I close this out and give you a rating?

carguyjosh : Whenever your ready. You can always log back in and talk to me later if you need me. Have a great night and don't hesitate to call on me if you need.
carguyjosh : Thanks. Josh

Okay, thanks, XXXXX XXXXX try to start again tomorrow just to be sure, Then give you an excellent, I appreciate the help.

carguyjosh : No problem. Let me know how it goes. Have a good night. Josh
carguyjosh : Good afternoon.
carguyjosh : Just wanted to check in and see how it's starting. Please let me know. Thanks. Josh
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