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daewoo leganza: hey i need help on a Daewoo leganza is there

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hey i need help on a Daewoo leganza is there a diffrence in the intake and exhaust cam and if so what are they. i did a head job and think i mixed up the cams.
Hi I'm Scott
The intake and exhaust cams are timed differently so they won't allow correct valve timing if swapped over due to the lobes on the cams actuating on the valves at the incorrect times. The cam angle sensor located on the front area of the head picks up it's signal to send spark to the ignition system at the right time off the intake cam gear, so this would also be out of time causing a no start condition.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Is there any marks on them so I can tell them apart? They both have the same # XXXXX them of 90400056
I'm pretty sure there may be an "I" and an "E" stamped on them, usually this is the case and usually they are stamped under the ends of the cams where the pulleys mate up to them, you will need to remove the pulleys to see the stamped letters. Do both of the cams when fitted now all line up with the valves when you look down from the top?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
There is no "I" or "E" stamped anywhere on the camshafts. If there was I wouldn't be asking this question.
Hi again
Some makes do stamp their cams obviously not the case with Daewoo. If the part numbers are the same it leads me to believe that the lobe timings on the cams won't differ which then leads me to believe that there should be no reason they cannot be interchanged. If you are still experiencing a no start condition it is for another reason. Do you have spark ? Are you certain that the timing marks and belt all line up where they should be?
Hi Vic Scott here again

I have done a little more research at work today and the intake and exhaust cams on these are identical. There will be I and E marks on the Timing belt pulleys, these when fitted should be installed on the correct side, when this is the case and you have the alignment marks lined up also the alignment mark on the crank pulley lined up. When all of this is done ensure that number 4 piston is at top end centre ( you can use a screwdriver in the spark plug hole to see this) if this is the case you should be set up correctly.
Have you started the engine yet or is there a problem? If there is you might have a different issue, let me know we will work through it together.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for the help. Fixed the car today I had the cam sprockets mixed up. Runs great now.

Good to hear Vic,

Im happy we got there in the end. if there is anything else I can do please dont hesitate to ask.

Regards Scott

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Hi Vic
Any luck yet? Please feel free to let me know if I can help any further