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Hyundai Santa Fe: Im trying to replace the power steering

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I'm trying to replace the power steering pump on my 2003 Santa Fe 3.5 liter engine...How do you get the pump out...The top mounting nut is near impossible to reach?? Also, to remove the power steering belt, you just turn the tension bolt?? No locknut??
this may help you
2003 Hyundai Truck Santa Fe V6-3.5L
Drive Belt Adjustments: Adjusting Drive Belt and Tensioner


1. Hang the belt on the pulley of the tensioner and install the tensioner. (If the tensioner is already installed, loosen its mounting bolt to allow belt installation.)
Tightening torque
Tensioner assembly bolt: 45 - 50 Nm (450 - 550 kgf-cm, 33 - 36 ft. lbs.)


2. Install power steering belt.


3. Install drive belt.


4. Adjust the power steering belt tension to specification by turning the adjusting bolt (Q) clockwise or counter clockwise.


5. Adjust the drive belt tension to specification by turning the adjusting bolt (Q) clockwise or counter clockwise.


6. When installing the belt on the pulley, make sure it is centered on the pulley.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2001-05

Removal & Installation

  1. Loosen the bolt fixing the wiring bracket, and then move the wiring sideward.
  2. Remove the pressure hose from the oil pump, and then disconnect the suction hose from the suction connector and drain the fluid into a container.
  3. Loosen the tension adjusting bolt on the power steering "V" belt.
  4. Remove the "V" belt from the power steering oil pump pulley.
  5. Loosen the power steering oil pump mounting bolt and the tension adjusting bolt, and then remove the steering oil pump assembly.
  6. Remove the power steering oil pump mounting bracket.
  7. Installation is the reverse of the removal procedure.

2003 Hyundai Truck Santa Fe V6-3.5L
Power Steering Pump Parts and Labor
Parts Information OEM Part # Price
Power Steering Pump
P/S Pump
Labor Information Skill Level Mfg. Warranty Standard
B 0.8 1.0
B 1.3 1.6

2003 Hyundai Truck Santa Fe V6-3.5L
Power Steering Pump Service and Repair, Procedures: Removal Repair and Installation

1. Remove the pressure hose from the oil pump.


2. Disconnect the suction hose from the suction connector and drain the fluid into a container.
3. To remove the drive belt, loosen the oil pump mounting bolt.
4. Remove the oil pump mounting bolts and disconnect the pressure switch connector.



1. Remove the suction pipe and the O-ring from the oil pump.
2. Remove the rear cover with its gasket and pin.
3. Remove the cam ring.
4. Remove the rotor and vanes


5. Remove the front side plate.
6. Remove the inner and outer O-ring.


7. Remove the spring.

NOTE: When assembling, use a new gasket and O-ring.

8. Remove the pulley nut and the spring washer.


9. Pull off the pulley and the woodruff key.
10. Remove the snap ring using snap ring pliers.


11. Remove the drive shaft and bearing using a plastic hammer.


12. Remove the oil seal from the oil pump body.

NOTE: When assembling, use a new oil seal.

13. Remove the guide bracket and nut.
14. Remove the connector from the oil pump body, and then remove the flow control valve and flow control spring.


15. Remove the O-ring from the connector.

CAUTION: Do not disassemble the flow control valve.

16. Remove the oil pump switch.
17. Take the spring and the spool out.


18. Remove the O-ring from the oil pump switch.

1. Clean all disassembled parts with a suitable cleaning solvent.
2. If any inside parts of the oil pump have been damaged, replace the pump as an assembly.
3. If the pulley is cracked or deformed, replace it.
4. If oil leaks around the drive shaft oil seal, replace the oil seal.
5. If the serrations of the pulley or drive shaft are deformed or worn out, replace them.

1. Install the oil pump switch.
2. Install the flow control valve spring, valve and connector in the pump body.

NOTE: Apply a thin coat of power steering fluid to all parts including the oil seal and O-ring.

3. Install the guide bracket and nut.


4. Using the special tool (09222-32100), install the oil seal into the pump body
5. Gently insert the shaft assembly and install the snap ring.


6. Install the pump pulley with the woodruff key in position.
7. Install the spring and the inner and outer O-rings.


8. Install the front side plate.


9. Insert the pins into the pin grooves of the front housing, then install the cam ring, paying attention to its direction.
10. Install the rotor with its punch-marked side facing towards the front side plate.


11. Install the vane plates with the round end facing outward.
12. Install the gasket and rear cover.
13. Tighten the suction connector.

1. Install the oil pump to the oil pump bracket.
2. Install the suction hose.
3. Install the ribbed V-belt and adjust its tension.
4. Connect the pressure hose to the oil pump, and the suction hose to the oil reservoir.

NOTE: Install the hoses so that they are not twisted and they do not come in contact with any other parts.

5. Replenish the reservoir.
Recommended fluid: Power steering fluid (PSF-3)
6. Bleed the system.
7. Check the oil pump pressure.
8. Install parts by referring to the torque specification.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I have all this info with my alldata subscription...I was just curious as to how you would go about getting to that top mounting bolt?...maybe take the engine mount off, and lift/lower engine to access it better??

it is easier to get to the bolt by removing the engine mount and raising the engine..but,,you really dont need to do this..,,you can get to the bolt,,a ratchet wrench is handy for only takes about 45min. to replace,,,.but,,just do it the easiest way for you,sense time isnt a factor

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