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Suzuki XL-7: 2004 Suzuki XL-7 with a 2.7 Liter V-6 and 110,000

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2004 Suzuki XL-7 with a 2.7 Liter V-6 and 110,000 miles on the clock. My girlfriends car is turning on the CEL periodically, and it will go off. The Code is a P0037. Can you help with this and advise what I should do? Thank you for your help.
Hello, I am Randall.

the code is for a possible fialed or failing 02 sensor

It is sensor bank 1, sensor #2

soo it is on drivers side and the sensor right after the cat converter. The cat converters are just below the exhaust manifold.

you have 4 o2 sensors. 2 on each side of engine. 1 before each cat, one after

you are looking for the one after rthe cat converter on drivers side. screwed into exhaust pipt. Looks a like a sprk plug with wire to it

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Randall,


Two questions then. (1) with the mileage on the engine, should they all be changed as O2 sensors tend to become lazy as they get older. Or at least the two downstream, Post Catalytic Convertor Sensors? (2) There is a HUGE and I mean HUGE price difference between a plug and play O.E.M. Sensor and a "Universal" Sensor. I have used Universal Sensors before and didn't have a problem, but would rather not cut and splice wires. What would you suggest? Just replace the one, two, all four..and is universal OK or go back with the original design? Thanks for your time.



Very sorry for the delay

away today

IMO? if i had a preference? I would do all four. OEM but.. I realize pricing

the thing is they are all the same age. one will go after the other. Univerals are ok but you know about splicing

One? ok, but the others soon after at some point

Its going to boil down to pocket book , time etc
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