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geo tracker: I have a 1993 geo tracker 4x4 lsi 1.6l engine

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I have a 1993 geo tracker 4x4 lsi 1.6l engine auto trans. It just quit running. it will turn over but wont start. It has spark and fuel pressure. It does start if you dump gas down thorttle body. I took injector off and it sprays gas when key turned. Replaced tps didnt help. Any suggestions Thanks

internal88 : Hello and welcome
internal88 : Do you hear the fuel pump priming ?
internal88 : Is the check engine light on?

fuel pump is priming check engine light is on

internal88 :

Do you know how to retrieve the code from the ECU?

Here is the PROCEDURE
The provisions for communicating with the Engine Control Module (ECM) are the Data Link Connector (DLC) and the diagnostic request terminal in the duty check DLC.

The duty check DLC is located in the right rear engine compartment near the battery. Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) stored in ECM memory can be read by counting the flashes of the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) after grounding the diagnostic request terminal in the duty check DLC. When this terminal is grounded, the ECM enters its diagnostic mode and outputs DTCs to the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) .

To ground the diagnostic request terminal in the duty check DLC, connect a paper clip between duty check DLC cavities "2" and "3". At this point, the MIL should flash continuously . This would be the following flash sequence: "flash, pause, flash-flash, long pause, flash, pause, flash-flash, long pause, flash, pause, flash-flash," etc.
If more than one DTC is stored in the ECM's memory, the DTCs will be repeatedly output from the lowest to the highest, with each DTC being displayed three times.

Once you get the code please let me know. I will define it for you.

internal88 :

Let me know if this help you out so far.

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Hi Steve, ask me if you have further questions.