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landrover freelander: my landrover freelander 1.8 starts and

Customer Question

my landrover freelander 1.8 starts and idles very well but when i put it in drive it loses power and cuts i have changed pump after pump but nothing seems to change what could be causing this
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  gtnby2 replied 4 years ago.
Please only rate answers AFTER finishing our session. Your problem may take a few conversations to pin point, and we can talk until you are satisfied.
Does the vehicle die immediately like you shut the switch off or stumble and die slower? Does it rev up and return to idle normally in park or does the engine take longer to go back to idle after reving up than usual? How long has this been happening and did it happen all at once?
Please post back with this information.
Thank you,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

when i start the vehicle its idles ok, the problem only comes when i try to drive it it has no power to drive it start to sputter and make boom sound, and when i stop for a shortwhile it builds up its idle some times when i try to step on my accelarator it cuts and i have to start it again, if you hear it idling you would think all is well until you try to drive it.

Expert:  gtnby2 replied 4 years ago.
Ok, if it is backfiring ( the boom sound), the vehicle has jumped time and will need to be taken to a shop for repair. If after inspection there is no internal damage to the engine, a standard timing belt/ chain replacement will have you up and running again. Since it will start and Idle with no ticking or knocking noises, the timing replacement will be all that you need more than likely. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRIVE THE VEHICLE. If it is very far out of time, major internal damage will result if you drive it.
Post back with further questions.
Thank you,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the timing has already been done, i have changed the belt and the head gasket because it had blown, it now a month after this change and i have been driving it well, i was also told to replace the pump which i did now it only idles and does not drive the fuel being brought to the engine is just enough to make give a good idle

Expert:  gtnby2 replied 4 years ago.
Do you have any pressure readings for the fuel? Are the lines and filter flowing? Is the wiring harness for the fuel pump in good shape? 12volts at the pump connector?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes i have done all pressure tests and there is 12volts going to the tank, its only by the injectors that you notice that the fuel going into the cylinders is not enough they do not have the pressure that the fuel has when it leaves the tank

Expert:  gtnby2 replied 4 years ago.
Ok, that suggests fuel filter, blockage in line, or regulator... replace fuel filter and unhook the line between the filter and the regulator. Use compressed air to blow through the line. Hook up the filter and put the regulator end in a container. Turn the key on and check flow. If it's good replace the regulator.
Post back the results.