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Auto Psychic
Auto Psychic, ASE Certified Technician
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I have a 95 International tow truck and my front tires wear

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I have a 95 International tow truck and my front tires wear out fast, Im talking every 400 to 500 miles that I drive there is noticabel wear and tear. The part the holds the brake pads are also rubbing against the wheel hub. What could be causing this problem?

Auto Psychic :

gary here, sorry to hear of your misfortune :(

something on your front suspension is badly worn out.

most likely ball joints or wheel bearings.

my recommendation is have it checked out as soon as possible, its a potential safety issue.

any tire shop will give you a free inspection and estimate.

good luck, gary


Someone else was telling me it may be some type of pin, what were they talking about because you didnt mention ti

Auto Psychic :

i suppose it possible they are referring to king pins, but thats pretty old technology, even for tow trucks.



So the wheel bearings could cause this problem for the calibers being offset and causing the tires to wear so fast?

Auto Psychic :

yes, loose or worn out wheel bearing would also cause the rubbing.

should be a pretty straightforward diagnosis once its up on the rack.


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