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Hyundai H1: Hi, my dad is having a problem with his Hyundai

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Hi, my dad is having a problem with his Hyundai H1. He went with the car to so many mechanics already and none of them could have figure out the problem. They told him that they calibrated the jets, but who knows, it could be that they didn't. So, the problem with the car is: It idles up and down (the rpm) when parked and when he tries to give some gas it slowly pickup back speed, but not immediately. Also, it blows out allot of black smoke. And last of all, when parked sometimes the car just switches off. When turned on immediately after it was switched off, it turns on just fine. The car was sent to 4 different mechanics already, no solution. It was also sent to the car manufacture and when it is analyzed through the computer they say that there is no problem with the car. I hope you could help me out with these problem. I appreciate it allot...shinton

Hello and welcome.

The problem with the idle and hesitation may just be a throttle that has a lot of carbon in it. This is a common problem on many of todays cars.

For the blowing black smoke, that is either burning oil, or the engine is running very rich and burning too much fuel. This would contribute to carbon buildup in the throttle.

If the shop thought is was burning oil, that is most likely why they replaced the turbo. If is actually too much fuel and not oil burning, that could also explain the idle and stalling. I suggest having the fuel pressure regulator checked, and also check for a sticking fuel injector. If one is stuck open, that would dump large amounts of fuel into the engine giving the black smoke and other problems you are having.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.


the engine is electronic

Electronic? Yes, all of todays cars are full of electronics. Can you explain what you meant?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

My dad told me that all of the above mention were already done. Now they are telling him that the fuel pump is broken. Could it be?


About the electronic, he told me that there were two type of engines made for the hyundai h1. one with electronic fuel pump and the other one that is not.

Yes. One fuel pump(most common) is electric and inside the fuel tank. The other kind is mechanical and bolts to the engine.

It i possible that the pump is bad causing the problem. To confirm that, fuel pressure would need to be checked when it is acting up to confirm that the pressure is either too low or too high,

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