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My daughter got a new clutch in her ford focus on Thursday

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My daughter got a new clutch in her ford focus on Thursday and on Saturday the car overheated on a hill in Seattle. It had to be towed. The place it was towed to was a mechanic and he said the clutch was out and questioned how that could be on a clutch with less than 100 miles on it. The place that wants to charge us with a second clutch said that the driver burned it out. Is this even possible? My daughter and my son were in the car and they said they were not doing anything crazy or out of the ordinary.
how many miles did they drive ? do you mean the engine overheated?or the clutch was smoking and overheated?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

They drove 60 miles to Seattle, the new clutch had less than 40 miles from driving the previous two days. The car was smoking, and would not

get up to speed, so they pulled over and had it towed.

i agree with you there is almost no way your kids burned out this new clutch.unless they reved it up and purposly played with the clutch pedal to destroy the clutch on not buying you kids did this.did they replace the clucth disc,pressure plate and throwout bearing ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The receipt charges are clutch kit, flywheel resurface and trans fluid.

Parts $528. labor $478.

I drove the car and it shifts o.k. on flat surface streets but we have a freeway

entrance we use alot and it is an incline and the car does not have any power going onto the freeway.

The mechanic says we clutch is burned out and needs to be replaced again.

It is under warranty with AC Delco supposedly but they are saying we

need to pay again.


was this done at a dealer?or independant shop ? if you drive that at @ 5 MPH and shift it into 3rd and floor the car will the engine rev up and the car not move well at all?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Independent shop. They have the car so I don't know.

I can't test it out.

Am I getting charged for each response from you?

no.just one time after you rate our worries.

ok in a nutshell i find it hard to believe your kids did this .as im sure they drove the car in the past and didn't have the clutch burn out in 40 miles.i feel the clutch or pressure plate was defective or it was installed in correctly.i know those parts or covered by warranty but most shops also get re embursed for warranty clutch repair labor from the parts might be a hard fight with them but i would as them if the clutch is warrenty why is the labor not? im sure there answer will be they can just get the part covered but not the labor.on the slip or receipt you have for the clutch what does it way about labor warrenty? if not explained there on that call your local DMV and ask them what the labor laws are for what you had done at that shop.but i smell a rat and if they can warrenty the clutch kit im curious why the clutch labor will not be covered by the clutch company ? as more honest reputable places stand behind the parts they put in.and if the kit they are going to warrenty to me shows fault in the parts if they will warrenty them.does that make sense? sorry for the rant but it boils my blood when a shop will not do the right thing i could see if they did the clutch 6 months ago ect...but 40 miles? im not buying that your kids did it

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