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bamaman39, Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  10 years ford technician,20 years working on cars
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Why does my 2005 ford explorer sport trac make a squealing

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Why does my 2005 ford explorer sport trac make a squealing noise first thing in morning as I start to drive. A mechanic checked the brakes and says they are OK .Linda

bamaman39 :


bamaman39 :

how are you

bamaman39 :

You say it squeals in the morning. Does it do it when it first starts up or when you first apply the breaks on your first stop?

Customer: I guess when I first apply the brakes
bamaman39 :

After the first stop does it squeal the second time?

Customer: Yes for another time and then it stops the squeal till the next morning.
bamaman39 :

One last question. Does it shake or grind at any time?

Customer: It also feels as if the tire is rubbing on the fender.
Customer: on the highway there is a vibration
bamaman39 :

The tire may rub on the fender when turning. If so please check the plastic around the fender well for marks.

bamaman39 :

now is that vibration from braking or just drving?

Customer: Just driving on highway speed. 90 - 100 kls.
bamaman39 :

Ok sounds like you have a balance issue with your tires. That is where the vibration is coming from.


The brake noise you are hearing is from moisture in the morning on the rotors and pads. This is completely normal. There is no fix for it as water and moisture will continue to get on it

bamaman39 :

you still here?

bamaman39 :

Please let me know if you still need help


Customer: No, thanks very much for advice, I will get the tires checked .
bamaman39 :

for example all 3 of my vehicles make the noise. 2112 fusion and 2 older trucks. It is normal and nothing to worry about

bamaman39 :

Unless it starts making a grinding noise at all applications or vibration when braking they are ok

bamaman39 :

2012 i meant

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