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Scion xb: Can i swap a limited slip diff into my 08 scion xb

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Can i swap a limited slip diff into my 08 scion xb without droping the engine/trans out of the car?

Toyota Service : Hello. Welcome to Just Answer. Please allow me to assist you. Thanks.
Toyota Service : Unfortunatly, no, you cannot remove the differential without removing the transaxle.
Toyota Service : You can, however, remove the transmission; there is no need to pull the engine.

any special tools needed after removal?


Toyota Service : A torque wrench, the torque settings; not much else is needed in the way of special tools
Toyota Service : You will have to have a means to support the engine while the transmission is out of the car.

trans jack/ pole jack w/ wood?


Toyota Service : The best thing to use is a metal engine holder that sits on the inner edges of the inner fenders. We have two. They work great.
Toyota Service : The device straddles the engine bay, an arm hooks to the engine in a couple places. Great little device, and you can work around it very easily.

Ok I will look into it. one more ? I hope. Do I need to completely remove the axle shafts/ steering knuckle assembly or can i just divorce them from the trans at the inner boot?

Toyota Service : Personally, I drop the transaxles out with the half shafts in place. They can be rather difficult to refit to the diff while still attached to the spindles. Leaving the half shafts on the car can be a big headache when you refit the trans.

yeah that makes sense. Okay am I able to contact you later if I come across a snag?


Toyota Service : Sure. No problem.

excellent. thank you for your time. have a good night.

Toyota Service : If you are satisfied with my input, a positive rating would be greatly appreciated. You have a good night too. Thanks for choosing Just Answer.
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