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Experience:  10 Years various auto repair and diagnosis. Nissan Specialist technician. ASE Master certified.
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Jaguar s type: i have a 2005 jaguar s type, we recently changed

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i have a 2005 jaguar s type, we recently changed the alternator, we got a re manufactured bosch alternator. we installed the alternator and the alternator is charging the battery and the battery is holding charge, but the battery light comes on in the dashboard, the in car computer in engineering mode reads 13.0 for battery voltage when the car is on. i have been driving the car since last night and have had no issues with it, just want the light to go away. also this happens only at when i turn on the headlights, the driver side door controls where i open and close the window gets really warm, this only happens at night and when i turn on the lights. also the front headlights seem to be aiming down, instead of up and straight.

It sounds like your new alternator is not up to the task of charging during a heavy load scenario.

At minimum you should have 13.5v when the engine is running. Most vehicles hover around 14-14.5V. Jaguar specs show a minimum voltage of 13.5V charging, so something is definitely wrong.

First thing to do is have your battery tested at a repair facility that has a tool that will test the cold cranking amps CCA of your battery. This will show a more conclusive test result rather than simply checking battery voltage. I have seen batteries that had over 12V after sitting, but due to unseen damage, cause the charging system to struggle to maintain proper voltage when under a load.

If your battery tests out OK, then I would find out if there is any kind of warranty on your replacement alternator. You most likely got a bad unit, which unfortunately is fairly common when dealing with items like starters and alternators.

If you need anything else, please respond and I will do my best!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, but what about the driver side door panel where all the window buttons are getting hot, very hot at night with the lights on? this only happens at night and with the lights on.

I did some digging, apparently this is a known condition, that is generally not an issue. The cause is the bulbs illuminating the switch will get warm when they are illuminated (headlights on only).

However, to lessen the heat produced from the bulbs, Jaguar does offer a lower wattage replacement that will address the issue.

As for the headlight alignment, any certified state inspection station or dealership should have the proper tool used to properly adjust headlight levels.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok one last thing, when in engineering test mode when o get to dtc it displays E526 9246. What does this mean?
The engineering mode gives you codes in Hexadecimal values. It appears that the 526 code was triggered from low battery voltage, which makes sense. However it is hard to decipher the codes from the cluster.

Your best bet to be sure would be to use a CAN capable diagnostic tool to get the OBDII codes for a better description. That being said, I have a feeling that once you get your charging system sorted out, the code you are getting will take care of itself.
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