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internal88, Auto Mechanic
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 2595
Experience:  I've been working with automotive industry for almost 20 years. I also have an engineering background. Saving one car at a time.
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I have worked on cars since i was about 15 years old and im

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I have worked on cars since i was about 15 years old and im 34 now. I can do about anything from valve jobs to over hauls on old and newer engines i also have a shop in my back yard with all kinds of tools and recently bought a otc genisys evo for my shop. I want to get certified as a mechanic but i didnt finish high school and dont have a GED. What do i need to do to get certified?

internal88 : Hello and welcome


internal88 : Two ways to be a certified mechanic.

ok hows that

internal88 : First, you have to pass all ase tests.
internal88 : Do you know about ase?
internal88 : This is a national recognize association .

No idont .Were do i do that?

internal88 : Ok
internal88 : Well first you have to register and show them you have at least three years of shop experience.
internal88 : They offers twelve tests in different subjects.
internal88 : Once you pass all of them you will be a master tech.

How do i show them I have over 3 years shop experien

internal88 : I'm going to give you their web site to you.
internal88 : Read it and register as early as possible.
internal88 :
internal88 : I am a master tech and passed all the tests.
internal88 : It is not easy but not that difficult?

My problem is that i have never worked for a shop before.I only do side jobs.Will they require me to be employed by a diffrent shop than mine?


internal88 : They only need two years.
internal88 : Ypu could tell them about your side jobs,

ok let me do it now thanks for your time:)

internal88 : Sure.
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