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3500 box truck: 2001gmc3500 box truck It overheated slightly

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2001gmc3500 box truck
It overheated slightly and now runs real rough and has a bad miss
what size engine ? what caused it to overheat?ran low on coolant ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes low on coolant I used some blue devil to seal head gasket
Are there some sort of coil packs that are effected if an engine overheats
It really didn't overheat that bad I was surprised
5.7 liter
usually when these overheat and now runs bad and misses it overheated enough to possibly blow a head gasket and allow coolant to get into a cylinder.with it at idle if you pull off one wire at a time can you find the dead or dead cylinders on the engine? if one or two are dead at idle when you pull off the plug wires to a dead cylinder the idle will stay the same
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
How would I fix a dead cylinder ?
well first find the dead cylinders or cylinder then we need to pull the spark plugs from those cylinders and see if they are wet with coolant if they are dry then perform a compression test.but 99% of the time if it wasnt doing this before it got hot and now it is then there is somekind of internal engine damage
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