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Isuzu Hombre: 2000 isuzu Hombre. 2.2L Multi point fuel injection.

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2000 isuzu Hombre. 2.2L Multi point fuel injection. Fuel pump replaced 30,000 miles ago. Vehicle stalled at highway speeds. Would not restart. Next day started and ran for an hour then no fuel pressure. tapped into Gray wire to power with switch on nor when cranking. There has been a clicking noise under right side behind dash for some time...not sure if related but thought I should mention. I checked Pump power to relay when ign. switch set to run, Is there a low oil fuel pump cut out relay/switch for this vehicle? any other suggestions....
There is no oil pressure cut out switch. The fuel pump really is activated by power via the engine computer. The computer uses signal from the cranks sensor to send power to the fuel pump relay engagement circuit.

If you could get a scanner with live data access you could easily see if crank signal is present to determine if the crank position sensor needs to be replaced.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Good Morning. Since it was cheaper to go buy a sensor($10) than find a scanner I ran the truck until it stalled (about an hour run time) then replaced sensor. That didnt work. Ok, so I am looking at the wiring diagram you included( thanks) I am inclinded to think the PCM itself may be the culprit. Do you have an image of the PCM connector and can you point out the connectors (with voltage values) so I can do some checking(DVHM) once I pull out the PCM?

My apologies on the delay in replying. I am not at home at present and do not have access to my wiring diagrams. As soon as I return I will post them ASAP. Hope you are having a great labor day!

I am back with the information you requested. Below I will post the Basic ECM power and grounds. Next will be the ECM pin outs. Since its a larger amount of information I have it as a Portable document file (PDF) To read it you will need to download and install Adobe Reader, you can get it at the link below


^ copy and paste in your web browser


After that is installed please go to the below link to download the PDF I have created.


^ Copy and paste in your web browser


Follow the below pic to see what to click to download it; Let me know how I can help further and again my apologies on the delay.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can you send this information directly to my email address as I'm not comfortable with signing up for some account I will probibly forget about and have to find a way to cancel and get money back when they automatically take it from my account.

I'm sorry we are not allowed to correspond off the site. Try this link