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Auto Psychic
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sc300: My car stalls and dies after it is warmed up. I can

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My car stalls and dies after it is warmed up. I can go in the morning drive for about 5 minutes just fine no problem. Then as soon as its at operating temp it starts to stall and die. I recorded two videos so you can see whats going on. The video above was the car after it just died. Its making some noises
 this last video is the car from a third start up. I did not tap the gas or interferer with the car's idling in anyway


Once the car is warmed up and has reached the point where it starts to shut down it becomes increasingly difficult to start after each shut down. If I notice is is trying to shut down, I can put the car in neutral if I'm at a stop and rev the engine above 2k to try and keep it alive but it starts to smoke a bit and smell horrible and fights to shut down.


This problem recent occurred. I thought it may need a tune up. So I changed the plugs, wires, distribution cap, and rotar. The issue went away for some time. Then after about three months it has returned. I did notice the Valve cover gasket was in poor condition and was starting to leak so I changed that as well. As you know on the 2jz-ge the TB and a y-point are over the straight six so I had to remove those piece. I'm more than sure I reconnected everything correctly as I have the 95 FSM and followed those directions.

Auto Psychic :

the most common cause of a late mdoel car of any make dying after its warmed up is a bad crankshaft position sensor.

my recommendation is start there.

fuel pump and/or relay would be your most likely next suspects.

good luck,




Can you provide any in site as the the noises heard in the first video?

Auto Psychic :

sorry, wasnt able to open the videos, what do the noise sound like?



its hard to describe, thats why i took a video of it if you go to youtube or copy the link it will open

Auto Psychic :

ok, i was able to open the video.

best guess on your sound is your electronic throttle actuator loses calibration when the engine dies.

my $'s on a crank sensor will get you going.

may the force be with you.


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