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silverado: how do I replace the lower window trim on a 1988

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how do I replace the lower window trim on a 1988 silverado driver side door,i cannot get the mirror housing mount off I dont really wantto remove the whole door panel

The easiest way truly is going to be to remove the panel. I'll post information below to help you

Remove or Disconnect
Tool Required: J 24595-C Trim Pad Retainer Clip Remover and J 9886-01 Door Handle Clip Remover.
1. Trim panel pull strap (if present).
^ Remove the plug on each side of the strap and the screws underneath.
2. Door handle bezel.
3. Armrest screws (58).
4. Armrest pad (59).
5. Window handle, if used, with J 9886-01. Refer to Window Regulator Handle.
6. Use J 24595-C to remove the retainers (70) from the inner door panel.
7. Door trim pad (57).
8. Bezel with switches fit through cut-out in trim panel.
Install or Connect
1. Retainers (70) to the door trim panel it any remained in the door. Replace any broken retainers.
2. Bezel with switches through cut-out in trim panel.
3. Door trim to the door.
^ Put the trim pad (57) in place on the door and push the retainers (70) into the holes on the door.
4. Window handle, it used.
5. Armrest pad (59).
6. Armrest screws (58).
7. Door handle bezel.
8. Pull strap (if present).

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i can do that,my questiojn was how to do it without taking off the darn panel

Taking of the panel is really the best way to do it. You could roll down the window , remove the mirror and then try to fight it on.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i cant remove the mirror holder,thats what i want to know how to do without removing the panel as i dont have all the special tools i have a chikltons manual and it says what u said thats why i am asking how to get the outside mirror holder off without taking the panel off

You should be able to pop the plastic cover off the mirror with a screwdriver then access the two bolts that hold it. Let me know if that works
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have removed the mirror, i have 1988 silverado and the mirror HOLDER is the question at hand

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

how to remove rear view mirror HOLDER,I repeat HOLDER,on the driver side door without taking off the INTERIOR door panel.if you can answer this,I will be satisfied.the miror holder holds down the water guard trim piece.its on a 1988 silverado,4.3 V6,2WD,2dr,std electric window or mirror.if you dont know how to do it,let me know so i dont waste both of our time,thank you.