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Suzuki Aerio: A 2004 Aerio AWD has known good battery but is

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A 2004 Aerio AWD has known good battery but is completely quiet when attempting to start (no clicking, cranking or other) There was a single incident yesterday when it did not start immediately, but cranked on the second attempt. Interior light, headlights and controls (windows, radio, signals) are all working. It is an automatic tranny, so push starting is not an option. I am under a time constraint on this one, but I'm running out of troubleshooting tests. I've tried to check relays by swapping positions (they are all identical) without success. Any way to check the Neutral Safety Switch on this vehicle? And is there a brake pedal interlock that I don't know about..

Hello I will help you with your question,


If you use a paperclip to connect the black/yellow stripe wire to the black red wire at the neutral switch that will bypass it and the starter should turn the engine when you turn the key to the start position. If you have power at that paperclip when the key is in the start position then the starter is failed. If you do not have power then the key switch is failed.


Let me know how I can help you with this


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Thank you

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well George, these would be good instructions if I new where to locate the bypass circuit you are referencing, but without a shop manual or other diagram, I don't have a clue where to look. I'm currently stranded in the parking lot of the hotel I had checked into last night driving my daughters car which of course has none of my tools in it...

The neutral switch is on side near the top of the transmission where the shift cable attaches to it as shown in the diagram below. Remove the connector and use the paperclip. You can also try shifting to neutral and starting it there.


Seems I cannot attach a diagram to this window, let me try a new one









Customer: replied 4 years ago.



I had attempted to start the vehicle in neutral already with the same results. I neglected to mention that in my original question.

OK, let me see if I can help you to find the switch.


This website is not allowing me to insert an image so I have to describe the location.


The switch is at the end of the shift cable on the upper side of the transmission, it is black and triangular with the shift cable bolted to the center of it an a connector with 7 wires. Find the black/yellow and black/red wires and jumper them with a paperclip.


Let me know if you can find the switch but it sounds like you need to replace the starter not the switch if it will not crank in either park or neutral.


Let me know if you can find the switch


Thank you





Click here for diagram


Finally was able to insert the diagram above


Let me know what you find, is there a big box or autoparts store close enough that you can get a 12 volt testlight?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is there a simple way to bypass the solenoid on this vehicle to do a remote start?

The only way to have the starter turning and the starter gear engaged is to send 12 volts to the small wire at the solenoid. In many cases this is done with a screwdriver from the large post the battery cable is attached to across to the smaller terminal that the wire from the neutral switch is attached to. I think this starter has a pigtail with a connector so this is not practical and jumping the neutral switch is an easier way.


In either case if the starter has a dead spot and this is why it is not turning when you apply the 12 volts with the key switch then it will not turn if you jump it directly either.


I am sorry but the "easy" way is to jumper the safety switch and see if there is 12 volts to the jumper with a testlight, if there is then you need to replace the starter. All of this assumes that the battery and its cable connections are good and fully charged. There is little (paperclip to bypass the neutral switch as you originally asked) to test the switch or the starter that can be done without at least a testlight.


Please let me know what I can do to help you with this


Thank you



George H. and other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



This repair did indeed require a starter replacement. The Labor day weekend made this a bit of a challenge, as the Suzuki Dealer was closed, and most shops were shut down by the time troubleshooting steps indicated the starter was defective. A bit of a challenge to replace without any manuals, I am posting the steps that I used to do so:


1. Disconnect ground and positive cables from battery

2. Remove the four 8mm hold down bolts from the black plastic engine cover and set aside

3. Remove the 10mm wiring harness bolt from the right side of the head assembly to gain some slack in the harness ( you will need that slack later)

4. Locate the starter on the back side of the block/transmission assembly. If you have purchased a replacement starter, compare the solenoid angle to the installed one to gain approximate postion of the two 12mm bolts that hold it in place.

5. Move wiring harness slightly up and away to gain view/access to these two bolts.

6. Remove bolts and set aside.

7. Carefully slide starter 2-3 inches to the left to free it from the transmission housing, being careful not to drop the baffle plate or alignment dowel that are part of the installation. Remove baffle plate and set aside.

8. Disconnect low voltage pigtail connector from the starter solenoid, and position starter for easy removal of high voltage cable.

9. After removing HV cable, remove starter from vehicle and transfer dowel assembly to replacement starter.

10. Reverse this procedure to install replacement starter.


Approximate time required: 1.5 hours

Difficulty rating: 2 on a scale of 5

Technical knowledge needed: Awareness of hazards presented by live electrical circuits

Not sure why you are posting the steps to remove and replace the starter, I have done many of these over the years.


If you needed further help or the procedure from the manual I would be happy to provide any assistance I can. As I say at the end of every post I make "Please let me know what i can do to help you with this".


If you have further questions I can help with please let me know


Thank you