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1995 suzuki: well we replaced everything drove ok up until

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well we replaced everything drove ok up until now and we are back to very little power..have to goose the gas to get rpms to come up...timing light said everything was in time but my son moved the distributor anyway 20% out and power was much better what's up with that and what would cause timing to go out like that or are we not doing the timing right to begin with

are you grounding the connector when setting timing? this is a connector by the battery should have a cover on it terminals d and e should be connected.





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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

checking that out right now.....i have to go to work hope i make it.....will rate and give you tip on the 4th....when i have more time or something really happens i will be back before then

ok let me know what you find
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

i'm so sorry that i did not see this response but i had to run to son went out to see and he came back in and said he could not see the mark...he turned the distributor a little more and it seemed to drive ok but now today coming to work i had to stop at a red light and almost could not get the car going again. the gas peddle seems to have no effect so i kept goosing it till the idle finally came up enough for me to go and from that point i had to keep the idle up or else i was not going to go any where. i just has no power at a low idle. the engine light is on and i tried to go to the dealer to get the computer read and they said it is too old this is the first time since i owned the car that i have ever had trouble with it so i'm not ready to throw it away yet. is there any way to find out which sensor is malfunctioning or what is going on without a computer read

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

is anyone there i replied at 3:04 and have not got a response yet............sorry to be a pain...........

sorry i did not receive an email you had replied. yes the computer can be read but it will have to be by a shop that has the equipment. you need to be sure timing is right and go from there.
tripletauto and 6 other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

i did take it and my previous email pointed that out....i did take it to the dealer and they said it was to old to read so what am i supposed to do now throw my car away and so my question was can we figure out what is wrong without the computer being read by the symptoms or whatever...........i am very sorry if i sound mad i'm just scared because in a little while i'm going to have to drive this car home or should i say attempt to drive it home. IT HAS NO POWER WHEN I STEP ON THE GAS i have to toy with the peddal to get any rpms going and i'm alright until i have to stop then my problems begin because it will loose all rpms then and the gas peddle has a hard time giving me any kind of you think you could at least give me something that my son (the person who should have been making sure that my car was alright) look at or fix when or if i do get there.

you can pull trouble codes with the connector close to the battery. hook terminal d and b to each other and count the flashes on check engine light should start with code 12 one flash slight pause two quick flashes mean code twelve. it will cycle thru the codes each one i believe will go three times and move on. check this and see what codes you have. You also need to check fuel pressure low fuel pressure will cause your problem and so will clogged exhaust. does it get worse as it warms up?