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Gran Turismo: I am building a new driveway that is rather steep.

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I am building a new driveway that is rather steep. I would like to know the angles of approach and departure so that I can advise my driveway guy what the angles or slope of the driveway need to be.

Thanks for trusting us with your problem. I have trained in the automotive field and currently work as a lead technician. I will be helping you today

Basically you can park the vehicle up on the hill and measure the amount the vehicle will flex before it will be at full maximum flex. You can use a second person to park on your driveway now and make sure it does not touch the ground.. This will give you a measurement on the amount of degrees the vehicle can handle before the bottom or back bumper will touch the ground.

You could have someone make these measurements but in reality the guy should be able to ensure this will be done properly.

The driveway guy should not need much details other than to see the vehicle parked on an incline to make the professional measurements when building the correct angles without making the driveway out of the ordinary.

There is nobody on the site that I know of that will have these dimensions on hand because this is not posted or available anywhere other than someone that has one in person that can make the measurements. The engineers I do not believe work on this site or any site that I know about.

I hope this helps. If not let me know.


Happy labor day!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This a good start. Thanks.

However, I cannot park the car on the new, to be built driveway as it is just a rough surface so I cannot actually park it "up on the hill".

How do I apply measurements I could take in some other location to the new driveway?


This is the stuff the guy making the driveway will need.

You want to apply the downgrade out as best you can.

You just do not want to go down a huge drop so as long as he uses the measurements with the design it will come out perfect.

Like if the driveway was a 40 Degree incline you want to be able to come into the roadway as even as you can get it with the amount of feet you have to work with.

I am no professional on driveways in anyway. I just know how the vehicle works and have owned a few low profile vehicles that you have to worry about the driveway.

Since you will be spending enough already building it this should be done right so you have no worries.

Get a few quotes explain the vehicle to them if they do not know right off hand what they are talking about keep looking.

The person you are hiring should be on top of the job not making you worry or have to consult others for help.


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