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v40: I was driving my car and went to down shift and placed

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I was driving my car and went to down shift and placed my foot of the clutch and when I pushed it in the clutch never engaged. I had to slam on the clutch in-order for it to engage, then it was very difficult to shift, it seemed like the car didn't want to go into gear.

How many miles are on the car?
Do you know if you have the dual-mass system or if it has been replaced with a single mass?
Is there normal resistance on the clutch pedal or does it feel abnormal (if so, how)?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

just under 90000 miles on the car I have no idea if it is a single or dual-mass system. the pressure on the clutch varies. Sometimes it feels normal other times it feels really loose.


Are you able to associate any difference with the operation of the clutch in association with the feedback? For example when it feels normal is operation more normal, or is the problem pretty much all the time now regardless of the feeling from the pedal?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It's pretty much all the time now.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well now I can't get the clutch to engage so the car won't go into gear at all. However, when the problem started I had to slam on the clutch in order for it to engage and when I would shift the car was difficult to put into gear, it felt like it didn't want to go into gear I had to put some effort into getting it in gear.


Unfortunately it sounds like you will have either a worn down clutch disc or your flywheel is a dual mass and it or your pressure plate that is coming apart. In both instances you will have increased difficulty getting the shifter into gear until eventually you are unable to move the shifter into gear at all when the engine is running.
A dual mass issue or pressure plate issue can result in this coming and going, but honestly either is a likely suspect at this point.

As long as you are able to move the shifter into gear when the engine is off and not when it is on, and the clutch pedal does NOT feel completely non-responsive, your next step is going to be transmission removal for clutch, pressure plate and flywheel inspection. If the clutch is simply worn down as it sounds like it the case, a new clutch disc and release bearing are in order and it is strongly recommended that you replace the pressure plate and resurface the flywheel at the same time.
If the flywheel is the original dual mass, it will need to be checked for excess play as well; it should have a slight twist motion in it but not excessive, and there should be no lateral movement at all. If there is excessive twist/rotation in the unit or if there is lateral movement the flywheel needs to be replaced. It is not uncommon to swap this clutch out with a single mass unit either from a low pressure x40 or an 850.... these both require some custom work however and should not be attempted unless one is very familiar with the product as it is not a straight swap.
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