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Roadside Jerry
Roadside Jerry, Auto Mechanic
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BMW 525i: I own a 2005 525i and while the car was in double

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I own a 2005 525i and while the car was in double locked mode I open the trunk to put something in and I accidently put my keys in the trunk also. I had a locksmith come by but I he said he could only open the doors not the trunk. I need to get into the trunk. I've read about drilling a hole behind the license plate but I don't know exactly where for my model car. Besides buying a spare key, I need to know what I can do right now. Thanks for your help.
Hi, rather then drilling any holes, have the locksmith open a door. Once the doors are open the rear seat can be removed and you can access the trunk area.You then will be abel to retrieve the keys, or trip the trunk latch from inside.
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