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lots of problems, serpentine belt(1997 plymouth grand voyag

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having a lot of problems with my serpentine belt(1997 plymouth grand voyager). has slipped off at least 5 times since april - three of those times were immediately after going through a puddle with the right front tire. the other two times were not water related. the most recent was last week. the belt was snagged after slipping off, so i had to cut it before the engine would restart. i swear that both the tensioner and idle pulleys were greasy - i could wipe off a greasy/oily film with a paper towel. had never thought to check that before. in my 95 grand voyager(no belt problems), the pulleys are dry. i know the 97 has a slight trans fluid leak. could fluids be blowing around under the hood enough that enough grease eventually settles on those two pulleys and causes the slip? thank you. -tom

ASE Master Tech 35yrs :

Glad to be of help. Yes, depending where the leak is, wind or fan could blow the oil, perhaps coolant a little at a time onto the belt. Check and fix all your leaks. Check your water pump for leaks as that would be the most probable cause. Pressure test your cooling system.


ASE Master Tech 35yrs :

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
just had a new radiator put in middle of June-guessing pressure tested then. should the idle and tensioner pulleys be free of residue? is the other smooth pulley on the w.pump? are these the three pulleys where slippage occurs?
Yes, they should be free of residue. If the tensioner does not hold the proper tension, this could also be your problem. All the pulleys must be in alignment or this will also cause the belt to be thrown. Pressure tested then and pressure tested now are two different time zones. A leak can occur at any time and usually occurs at the weakest point. It is recomended to replace all hoses at the same time as the ones not changed have a greater possibility of leaking sooner. Every five years is recomended for preventative maintenance. The water pump is a different story, replace only when it goes bad, leaks etc. No one knows when it will start to leak.
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