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my 92 rodeo 2.8 turbo diesel keeps stalling until it gets to

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my 92 rodeo 2.8 turbo diesel keeps stalling until it gets to running temp.have put in new fuel lines,flushed tank,new lift pump/filter assembly,had glow plugs ckecked.Everything is pointing toward the injector pump?I have heard it could be just a sensor/switch for the cold start injector

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I have seen information that suggests the front seal onn the injector pump will wear and cause leaking fuel into the crank case making it lose pressure until the engine warms up and the seal swells. check the oil level to see if it is over full..

Post back with more information or if you have more questions.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Is that the engine oil level
yes that is correct
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Oil level is ok,car is serviced regularly
This problem only occurs in the colder months and has been doing so for 4 years

Ok, a couple of possibilities are the glow plugs or glow plug relay. Glow plugs heat to start and also do what's called post heat to raise the cylinder temp until the block is warm. To see if they are not functioning, clip a test light onto one and switch the glow plug on to test the relay. This is a common wear item.
it could also be a stuck EGR valve - If stuck open it run a very lean mix when cold. It's two bolts on the inlet manifold, pulls out and looks covered in soot - it should push in and spring out. Can be cleaned in carb cleaner, gasoline or alcohol and blown off with compressed air. Post back with more information after you look into the mentioned items.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Glow plugs have been checked and are ok
Car has no trouble starting just has trouble in staying running until temp comes up
Will check the egr valve and get back to you
Ok, sounds good. I will look for your next post!
Have a good day,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

egr valve is not stuck,its all clean and working fine

do you have any other suggestions?What about the thermal advance solenoid?I'm thinking its an electrical problem now ,not mechanical.

Also the status of my case says closed and i have been charged even though i did not hit the accept button and the problem is not fixed?????????????????

Ok, I will see what I can find. We can continue until we resolve the issue but I believe pmt is delegated to the rating system of the questions.. The website has been updated several times recently, and we as experts are trying to catch up to the updates as well. I do apologize for the confusion though.
I will post back when I have information.
Thank you for your patience.
Ok, I'm seeing information related to the thermal advance solenoid being the culprit in some models in colder climates. Do you know if your engine is equipped with the solenoid? It will be mounted on the side of the pump. Check to make sure it has power to it.