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Auto Psychic
Auto Psychic, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  semi retired mercedes benz master guild technician
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positive battery post gets really cranks most of

Customer Question

positive battery post gets really cranks most of the time.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Auto Psychic replied 5 years ago.

Auto Psychic :

sorry to hear of your misfortune :(

Auto Psychic :

the heat tells you that you have high resistance between the battery and the starter.

Auto Psychic :

if you have done so already clean the positive post and cable and put a little grease on it when you go back together.

Auto Psychic :

also check the connection at the starter, same principle, clean and tight.

Auto Psychic :

beyond that your starter is failing (drawing too much current)

Auto Psychic :

does that make sense?

Auto Psychic :

just got called to dinner, i'll check back with you in 30 minutes, if you have further questions.

Customer: It feels like it does have a slight hesitation some times when you crank it but a couple of times we have lost power when we turn the steering wheel to the right sharply.the dash lights went out and the air was not cooling just for a few seconds.then it would be fine.that is what led me to think something was wrong.
Expert:  The Audi Doctor replied 5 years ago.

This is Jake another expert here at JA. I'm not sure what happened to the psychic as it has been many hours, but he appears to be unavailable.

If it's the terminal that's getting hot try removing and cleaning the terminal. This will likely correct the condition. The power steering pump is electrically driven so the increased amperage of turning sharply could cause the condition to manifest at that time.

Clean the battery terminals and see if that corrects the condition.

Expert:  The Audi Doctor replied 5 years ago.
If this corrects it please except the psychic's answer

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Already cleansed and greased the post.still get hot ...there is some sort of brass looking piece on the positive cable just before the post clamp..this brass pc it the part that gets hot first then the heat transfers to the clamp then to the post...The other day I was driving the car on a straight road lost all power without turning the steering wheel. Lost power for a split second the back on ..did this three or four times.
Expert:  Auto Psychic replied 5 years ago.
i'm wondering if that part might be a fusible link.
try running a jumpercable from the positive post to the starter, in parallel with that part,
if that does the trick replace that part.
what do you think?