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chev pickup work trk k3500: JMJ Hi: 1999 k3500, 7.4 eng.,

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Hi: 1999 k3500, 7.4 eng., 2 good leaks = 1 is oil & had it looked at - told need oil cool tubes($500.00)

2 is pwr str & had it looked at - told part break system - need pump ($350.00) for used one total $500.00

1 & 2 = $1,000.00

both leaks fall from main arm connecting to drive side wheel, I assume leak 2 is somewhere in the power unit connecting with brake up near firewall

checked w/mechanic on radio - he feels I can't do it myself.I see new hydl. pumps $200.00 online if I'm looking at the right pic. it's different from pwr str pump for $85.00.

these are good leaks so wouldn't drive much at all. power cleaned under trk - 168,ooo miles on it - sits in front of house now.

what all does this take to fix, $, time, spec. tools, spec. knowledge etc.

fixed income is tight

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX
Thanks for trusting us with your problem. I have trained in the automotive field and currently work as a lead technician. I will be helping you today

Can you please give me a image of the power steering pump you are referring too?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
JMJ --- similar to...

  • List Price:$263.53

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A1 CARDONE HYDRAULIC BRAKE BOOSTER, WITHOUT MASTER CYLINDER -- Remanufactured; Includes essential hardware and complete easy-to-follow instructions; Manufactured with exclusive rust-prohibitive finishing process to extend on-car and on-shelf life; Features OE quality seals, diaphragms, and check valves for performance and reliability; With A1 Cardone's limited lifetime warranty.

Warranty:Lifetime A1 Cardone limited warranty
Quantity Sold:Sold individually

Fits the following 2003-2007 Chevrolet Express 3500 submodels:

  • 2003-2007: All Submodels; All Engines;

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

this is up front on belt systm......$85 approx

Power Steering Pump (Not Actual Photo)


Are you talking about this?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I have 1999 K3500, is the 2500 you show similar ? can this be where the pwr str fluid is leaking ? no leak at pump up front, just where wheel ties to arm. any special tech. knowledge needed, special tools, or just swap w/ new unit ! any special fluid, are the fluids separate & can't be mixed while working on the system ? ect ect ect ...
Yes they are the same and no you do not need any special tools.

The steps I provided give you all the detailed information.

I wanted to verify that was the part in question because the image you sent was hard to see but that is the name on the part.

I also have the oil cooler line steps this you will want to have some tubing wrenches.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
what about the fluids I mentioned , esp hydrl pump , just pour in & type fluid
Yes you will just pour it in.

This takes DOT3 fluid inside the hydrolic pump
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