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My 98 Aurora overheats in traffic. The thremostat has been

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My '98 Aurora overheats in traffic. The thremostat has been replaced but didn't solve the problem. The engine has never been overheated above the 5/8 mark or 220 degrees. What are other likely causes? Ther is 140,000 miles on the engine and it runs like new. Fluids loss is normal. I add 1/2 to one quart of Dex-Cool/water mix every year or two to maintain the level and oil loss is about 1/2 quart in 3000 miles when it is changed.
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Sounds like you have weak seals in the water pump. This is what is causing the overheating condition.

The easiest way to verify the condition is to do a radiator pressure test. With the system pressurized you can inspect the peep hole on the water pump. If there is any leak or wetness at the peep hole replacement is required. This is a common repair on this vehicle at this amount of mileage.

CLICK HERE-water pump replacement steps

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I believe my technician checked the water pump however the car is going back into the shop Monday. If your answer is correct I will be glad to pay you the full amount otherwise we will need to discuss further.
Sounds great.

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Also the water pump seal is hard to check without a pressure test as well.

If this checks out we need to inspect for a restriction in the system.

Gelling can happen in the radiator causing the rise in temperature.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The Aurora was back in the shop yesterday and the tech performed all tests on the cooling system. The water pump was OK and coolant appeared to be circulating normally. There was no indication of a clogged radiator. He also checked the coolant for hydrocarbons from combustion in case of a leaking head gasket and the test results were negative. The temp sensor, gage, fan operation were all checked and operation was normal. After about $100 for the thermostat and another $79 labor for system testing I still have no explanation for the overheating in city when the ambient temp was 96F and the gage read 220F during long stops. Any other suggestions? You suggested the cause might be a clogged radiator. Is it likely that some radiator core tubes are plugged even though the cooling system was serviced more frequently than required by the factory and with the required coolant?

The plugged passages are the only thing left other than being a internal engine issue with the coolant passages being plugged up causing the concern which is unlikely.

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