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The Audi Doctor
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air conditioner light, demister light and cycle air light, all flash in unison when car is

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air conditioner light, demister light and cycle air light, all flash in unison when car is started and the buttons are turned on.

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Since we do not have the vehicle to personnaly inspect many time we must rely on "pattern failures" to assist you. These are things that fail/behave in the same way on many vehicles. Your described symptoms are a unique set of symptoms.

Based on your description I believe the radio has failed. The illumination circuit that illuminates the switches also illuminates the radio switches. When you turn off the radio and it goes away, that pretty much confirms it. To be 100% sure remove the radio and assure that no wires have been pinched or rubbed through. Then disconnect the radio, if the condition is then corrected the radio is at fault. There is really nothing else that can cause this condition.

I hope I have answered your questions and addressed your concerns. Should you have further questions on this matter, please do not hesitate to ask. I want you to be 100% satisfied with my answer.

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Jake “The Auto Doctor”
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ok thanks Jake I will have a look tomorrow night when i get home from work. I will remove the radio and plug the standard radio back in to see.
Although i do not understand if the radio has failed, shouldnt it be not working? As it plays and works like a treat.
i thought possibly an electrical problem on the air conditioner side of the motor. I assumed because the radio works that it was ok. I came to the AC idea because we had started to notice an occasional smell of burning oil when car is ideling and the AC is turned on, ( Which is freezing) and there was a small random blotch of oil ontop of the AC shroud. However the oil levels are fine, and there is no signs of leaks at all, as the car is spotless and only has 23k original km on it. so the engine is completely spotless.
Thanks again for your help I will Investigate and let you no.

Sounds good.

There are many circuits in the radio. I suspect the problem to be in the illumination circuit of the radio or wiring going to it.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
After puting the stock radio back in the flashing had stoped. However i have a perfectly good expensive radio now that makes my car flash. Is there a way i can fix it or get it fixed the radio i mean? as it cost a fair bit of money and its just out of warranty. Is the radio safe to use?
Thanks for ur help jake. Muchly appreciated.
I'm not sure what wires are involved. The new radio should have a wiring diagram either in the installation booklet or possibly on a sticker on the radio. A radio shop should be able to check the signals coming out of the car and going to the terminals of the radio to assure they are getting the proper signal from the vehicle. I have no idea of the wiring of your radio, and the stock radio electrical diagram is poor. If I had to guess I would try disconnecting the violet wire and the orange /white wires first and see if the radio still played and the condition was still corrected,

Thank You!