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i am painting my car i have painted 4 in the past 2 years and

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i am painting my car i have painted 4 in the past 2 years and they all turned out say from 1 to 10 mabey a 7 or 8 , but not without alot of redoing and cant even tell you how much sanding im talking about on the clear to get rid of the orange peel so the finish is like a peace of glass. i no just enough to not to be scared of spraying but the mistakes are very costly and time consuming to fix. i say this to help u understand alittle about wear i stand. im using a base coat clear coat and my question is what size needle or better yet what am i looking for in the spray. if i mist my first coat what am i suppost to see on the surface? on first ,sec,third coat and how many ? the needle i use for paint is 1.4 and the clear i put a needle in my dewalt drill and took needle size down its between a point and a 1.4

that sounds like the spray gun needle is about the right size and in any case there should be some adjustment on the gun to change the flow of paint into the needle

There are a few tricks to getting a good finish:
1st to ensure that your primer / base coats are totally flat before applying the colour, a rub with 1200 grit paper - helps with this
2nd when applying the colour onto a panel start at one edge and overlap the paint so you get a wet line of paint - not so much its running but you're aiming to move this wet line slowly across the panel as you apply the paint

3rd ensure that you've got a drier / water filter on the outlet of your compressor as water in the air hurts the finish a lot
4th never spray in cold conditions as these causes the paint to clump to together and can often dry badly with patches
5th apply a couple of top coats let it dry for an hour or so then rub down again very gently with some used 1200 or 2000 grit paper with some washing up liquid in the water to prevent the paper from clogging - its very important not to apply too much pressure at this stage
6th then with last 3 coats increase the level of thinners to paint to produce a thinner mix
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
ok that helped alot but this is done its been about 1 hour since last color coat now what am i looking for in the clear coat spray this is were i could use some good pointers or tecnech from 1st coat 2nd third what should i be looking for in my spray the way you explained the paint method worked well for me

if you're applying a lacquer / clear coat over the colour then its important to ensure that the colour coats are flattened back and polished up with compound

then they must be completely clean and degreased before applying the lacquer

and the lacquer itself should be applied in thin coats with a higher mix of thinners than you used on the paint
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