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Dad Mechanic
Dad Mechanic, Mechanic
Category: Car
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Experience:  I have worked on everyting from Model Ts to 2012 Autos,
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Hi I have a 2003 Pontiac montana, I changed the front and rear

Customer Question

Hi I have a 2003 Pontiac montana, I changed the front and rear breaks, afterwords when I apply pressure to the break pedal it goes to the floor. I tried to bleed the master cylinder in 3 different ways, and then I bleed all four wheels starting from the wheel that is furthest of the master cylinder. the master cylinder goes through all four wheels, starting from the wheel that is furthest of the master cylinder. Anyways I have a lot of pressure on the break pedal but when I start the car the pedal goes all the way to the floor when this happens the breaks are not working at all, I replaced the booster and the master cylinder and went through all the procedures I listed above more than 5 times and I got the same result.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Dad Mechanic replied 5 years ago.

Dad Mechanic :

Sorry for your problem. I am here to try and assist you.I read what you have done so far did you have brakes before you changed the brake pads?

Customer : Yes the brake was ok .but the pads and sho was low I had to change them.
Customer : And ther is no brake flod leek any where
Dad Mechanic :

Have you ever changed brakes before?

Customer : Sorry I don't know what you meanby that
Dad Mechanic :

well I'm trying to find out what your knowledge is about changing brake?

Customer : My knowledge is that it is difficult enough to change booster brakes, and your asking me about a simple brake change? So I guess yes I have changed them millions ofttimes, but this specific one just seems to not working right. Do u have any idea why. In my first message I thought I was clear that about all the work I had done to try to repair the booster brakes
Dad Mechanic :

Yes I read all that you had done. I wonder why you changed the master cyl & the booster? When you were bleeding the brakes did you have good brake presure at the bleeders?

Dad Mechanic :

Is your abs lite on?

Customer : Yes, the brakes pressure is ok, and there is no air in the system, the brake peddle has a lot of pressure with the car off, when you start the car the peddle goes straight to the floor, with no pressure at all, that's why i replaced the booster and the master cylinder incase that was the problem.
Dad Mechanic :

Why don't you try disabling the abs and see if you brake work,

Customer : No I have not tried disabling the abs light, I don't know how to, could you please explain to me how to, if it not too much to ask, also I might not be able to do This now because it's night
Dad Mechanic :

I'm going to change this to question and answer seems to be locked up here.

Dad Mechanic :

Well you should just be able to remove the fuse under the hood in that fuse box. This is the fix just trying to isolate your problem. I don't know what could have happened just changing shoes and pads.

Customer : If I disable the abs system and the problem is fixed what is next to do, thank you, I appreciate your time
Customer : L
Dad Mechanic :

this isNOT the fix sorry about the error.

Dad Mechanic :

well first maybe disconnect the battery this may reset the abs computer.

Customer : What I I meant is if I disable the abs and the problem is solved temporarily does that mean that the abs system is bad and needs replacing. Also the battery has been disconnected the whole time,
Dad Mechanic :

what do youu mean the whole time. while you replaced parts?

Dad Mechanic :

do you know anyone who has a abs scanner?

Customer : I will have to get back to you tomorrow, once i try disableing the abs. Thank you for your help
Dad Mechanic :

i'll talk to you today. I'm a little slower wheen I'm at work though. Jim

Expert:  Dad Mechanic replied 5 years ago.
I see you have given me a low rating.I have been working with you to resolve your problem. You haven't gotten back to me about what you found. I STILL WOULD LIKE TO HELP YOU RESOLVE YOUR PROBLEM. Please respond. Jim!!!