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Mini Cooper: Is it crucial or even necessary for only a mini

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Is it crucial or even necessary for only a mini cooper dealers service department to do oil changes and other service or repairs? Here is my predicament, there is only one cooper dealer in our entire state and they are two hours away from me.
Hello, I am Randall.

I do not know your initial warranty, agreemnets etc.

are you out of warranty?

Out of any promise agreement you have with dealer?

everything ok? except normal maintenance?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No warranty, purchased from private owner, used 2006 Mini Cooper, not an S model. Runs great just needs oil changed, but everyone we talk to and some blogs say it can only be serviced by a mini authorized service department because of the complexity of parts. The only mini service department in Utah is in Salt Lake City over two hours away. My paypal account was charged $29.00 on August 1st for your answer, but I cannot see that I received any specific answer. See # XXXXX

yes, you asked the question on Aug 1,

I responded with my questions, did not hear from you till today.

I have not submitted an answer as I was awaiting your reply

I will be on /off online tonight. I will send you the information at some point this evening. I have to step away for an hour or so, then back to you

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for getting back with me. I thought I submitted answers to your questions, but apparently something went wrong. Any info you can get me would be great. It is my 19yr old college car, runs great, just don't want to mess with it by taking it to the wrong place, (if there is such a thing as a right of wrong place). Thanks though, I'll be watching for your reply.

thanks, XXXXX XXXXX back from a mini trip. have to go pick up dogs from boarding, when back this evening, I will get back with you. i will leave this post open on my main screen as reminder

Thanks :)
Ok, againa, sorry for the delay

You are correct in asking this question. It a little confusuing and some customers dont quite follow the procedure etc

first off? you do NOT need to go to dealer for an oil change. This is/was only when car was under warranty, extended warranty and it was entitiled to its first couple services included in the maintenance plan

You are out of this now.There are no special tools, no special procedures

The filter is a cartridge type, easy to replace and it has a normal drain plug at bottom of engine

the real important aspect is the OIL. It MUST be a 5W30 Full synthetic oil. Castrol makes one, Mobile makes one and BMW has one. Oil changes are aevery 15 K due to synthetic oil

You do NOT need to go to a dealer now, just be sure to find a shop that can get the special oil as well as the Mini oil filter and.. the shop is ok in doing the work

BMW cost on oil change is around $255 +/- due to they include things NOt required

Yopu simply need a shop that can and will change the oil. Being verty carefuelt o use the 5w30 full synthetic oil, its pricey but required and.. the shop can get the oil fileter cartridge

If you chose to do you own?

You can click HERE to upload a .pdf file showing how to change the oil

You are ok with local shop or doing on your own. Just watch what type oil is used

I hope this helps. P please remember to rate my service before exiting the site so I can be credited for my time.

When you are satisfied with the information I’ve provided, I would appreciate your positive rating. I truly value your feedback. Come back soon and thanks

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks your information was very helpful.