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Isuzu Ascender LS: I have a 2004 Isuzu ascender LS 4WD, It

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I have a 2004 Isuzu ascender LS 4WD, It has been suggested that I need my front differential repaired, about how much should that cost?

tims auto repair :


tims auto repair :

you need to replace the complete carrier?

tims auto repair :

you need to replace the complete differencial carrier?


I went in thinking that I had to replace the front wheel hub assembly, but the tech says that the noise I heard was 'referred' and originating from the differential. Since they don't repair those, I don't have much more info than that.

tims auto repair :


tims auto repair :

if it isnt the hub[bearing]and it is the differencial

tims auto repair :

these arent cheap

tims auto repair :

you may concider buying a used unit from you local salvage yard

tims auto repair :


tims auto repair :

i will get you the price

tims auto repair :

give me just a moment

tims auto repair :

2004 Isuzu Truck Ascender 4WD V8-5.3L
Differential Carrier Parts and Labor

Parts InformationOEM Part #Price
Differential Carrier

Front Axle


7 - 3.42 Ratio


7 - 3.73 Ratio


7 - 4.10 Ratio


Labor InformationSkill LevelMfg. WarrantyStandard

Replace Front Axle



With Skid Plate, Add


To Reseal Case, Add


To R&R Side Gears and/or Pinion Gears, Add


To R&R Side Bearing, Add


To R&R Pinion Bearings, Add


To R&R Ring & Pinion, Add


To R&R Case, Add


To Overhaul Carrier, Add


To R&R Output Shaft Bearing, Add


To R&R Mounting Bushings, Add


He tells me that the hub bearing is definitely making noise, but that repair is secondary to the noise coming from the differential I am wanting to know can it be just the bearings and not the entire differential per se

tims auto repair :

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tims auto repair :


tims auto repair :

it could be either/or

tims auto repair :

to find out what is the exact source .,..

tims auto repair :

it need to be removed and took apart for inspection

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Should I take it to a transmission shop as opposed to the dealer, cause they really try to hose me everytime I go in there...
a dealer will get you here...
you may want to check around with different independent shops,,,,and do some price shopping...sense this is an expensive repair