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Where can I get the color code for the wires in the seat connectors?

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Where can I get the color code for the wires in the seat connectors? I have a pair of 2000 LS seats I want to install in a street rod I am building and need to know which wires to power and which to ground. Thanks

Hello I will help you with your question,


Do you know if the donor vehicle had memory for the seat?


The non memory seat diagram is below, let me know how I can help


Click here for diagram


and here for passenger


If you would like any additional information or have more questions please don't hesitate to ask!

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Thank you



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
This answer does NOTHING to answer my question. I had already found these diagrams (for free) on the internet. I need what COLOR wires to hook to 12V and what color to ground AT THE CONNECTOR. It would be helpful to know what color wires not to hook up at all (seat belt, heat, etc.). Please identify, BY COLOR, the dozen wires going into the connector. Thanks
OK the colors are on the diagrams and I can help you read the diagram. I am at dinner right now and will be back at my computer in about 1 hour if that will be OK.

I did not know that you did not understand how to read the diagram

Can you tell if the seats were from a vehicle with memory?

Let me know so I can help you


The connector view for the drivers seat is below, print it and the wiring diagram if you do NOT have a set of memory seats.


Look on the wiring diagram for the pin numbers at the seat connector, they are the same with the same abbreviations for the wire colors. The wire color table is below that.


If you have a WT/RD wire that is a white wire with a red stripe. If there is a 12 next to it then it is in pin twelve of the connector. Check the connector diagram and you should see the same wire.


The power is at the top of the diagram so the RED wire in pin six of the connector should have a 20 amp fused supply from the battery.


The black wire in pin 1 of the connector is to ground.


Click here for connector


Wire colors
BK : Black
BN : Brown
BU : Blue
GN : Green
GY : Gray
LG : Lightgreen
NA : Natural
OG : Orange
RD : Red
SR : Silver
VT : Violet
WH : White
YE : Yellow



Look these over and let me know how I can help you with this


You chose to rate me "Bad Service" without allowing me to explain what you wanted to know. You now have the opportunity to change that rating.


Thank you



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My seats are non-memory. These are not the colors in my harness. I have two large wires (12Ga.) on one end - they are BK/BU (#1), and RD/OR (#2). Because of their size I am guessing that they are the main power wires. There are nine other wires that I am not sure what to do with. I need to know what they control and whether they are positive or negative. The remaining wires are :GY/WH )#3), BU/OG (#4), OG/YE )#5), Pink )#6), BK/YE (#7), WH/BK )38), GN/BK )#11), Brown (#12), and RD/GN 9#13). There are 14 positions on the connector. Positions 9, 10, and 14 are empty. The passengers seat is similar but has only seven wires. Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks, Steve

I have been through all the seat connector diagrams and I am not finding one with the wire colors you listed. Are you sure of the year of the donor vehicle?


The diagram below shows all the connectors for the drivers seat, please see if you can identify which connector you are seeing with these wire colors


Click here for diagram


Click here for switch connector


Let me know which connector you are seeing these wires at and I will see if it matches what you are seeing





Customer: replied 5 years ago.
All I have to go by is the receipt. They were purchased online from Proven Auto Parts in Minnesota. The online ad said "2000 Lincoln LS". The written receipt that came with the shipment reads "00 01 02 Lincoln LS Front Seat 7422". Since they are salvaging the car, I would assume that they have the title and know what the car is. From the diagram you sent me I think we are talking about the connection to the "Module" which feeds all the motors,etc. I am asking how to hook up the connector that has wires coming out of the carpet on the floor and plugging into the module to power everything on the seat. I am fairly confident that the red and black 12 ga. wires are Pos. & Neg. feeds. I just need to identify the other nine. That's why I agreed to pay $32. While I appreciate your help so far, it is not giving me the answers I need. I don't want to experiment with these wires and seeing what happens. Thanks, Steve
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The module this connector goes into is labeled "BOSCH XW4T-14C724-AE". Hope that helps.


That is the front seat module and should be up front with three connectors. Two 17 pin and a four pin. In the diagram A207 is its designation.


Do you have the B222, B223 and B224 connectors as shown in the diagram?


Finally is this your connector you need the circuit information for?


Click here


Let me know so I can help you, I am here the rest of the day





Customer: replied 5 years ago.
A207 is the module and the diagram 14A005 is the correct wiring for my connector. I just need to know what each of these wires does. I need to know whether they are positive or negative. I also need the same info for the passengers seat (w/7 wires). Thanks

I can tell you some of them, I have been through what wiring diagrams Ford decided to release and they do not cover every wire in the connector. You should be able to run the seat motors from the switch though.


Black/blue on pin 7 is black on the mating connector and is ground.


The red to red/ orange in pin 14 is seat power and should be a 20 amp fuse from the battery.


The red to red/green in pin 1 is power for the seat heaters


The white/black in pin 11 is the buckle switch


The green/black in pin 2 is seat heater power (5 amp)


The pink/black in pin 12 is seat heater control



The grey/white in pin 6 runs to the drivers door module for memory control communication


The blue/orange in pin 13 is drivers door module communication for memory.


That is all that are listed. I will chase down the passenger in a few minutes when I get out from under this car.


Let me know if this is going to work for you but this was setup for memory but I think you will be able to run the seat motors just connecting the first red to power and the black to ground. That should let the switch work for you as long as the harness between the control module and the seat switch is intact.


Thanks for your patience, the engineers never made the diagrams for what you want to do so the functions of the individual pins on a given connector are not in one place.




Passenger connector is


red/yellow on pin 3 is 15 amp power


pink/yellow ion pin 4 is switched power through the heater switch (5Amp)


black/green on pin 6 is the light control for the heater switch


black/yellow on pin 7 is ground


green/yellow on pin 8 is power to the module (5 amp) has to be connected for motors to run.


On the drivers switch above I left out the same module power on pin 2 the green/black is really the power for the module not the seat heater. The seat heater power comes through the switch to the pink/black wire on pin 12


Let me know what I can do to clear this up for you


Thank you



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The drivers connection seems to be OK. The passenger connector has different colors than what you stated. The two large (12 ga.) wires are : (#2) Red /BLACK and (#1) Black w/GREEN. The black/yellow that you say is the ground is in position 4 or 5 not 7 as stated in your answer. It is also very small - 18 or 20 gauge. There is a green/yellow in position 8 so I think that is OK. but the other colors are not where you said. Do you think that I can hook up the large wires to power and ground and the green/yellow to power to operate the module? I don't care about memory, seat-belts, or heat. I am only looking for seat adjustment and lumbar support. Thanks, Steve

OK, lets go back to the connector view, remember that the wire color changes at the connector but the pin number does not so you need to look at both sides to see the correct wire color.


Click here for connector view


I do think you can connect the two powers and the ground and have the seat motors work, it will not hurt anything to try.


Let me know if your connector matches what is shown above





Customer: replied 5 years ago.
We are getting really close. I hooked up the power & ground on the passenger seat . When I powered the GN/YE on pin #8 - it works!! I was not so lucky on the drivers seat. Can you check the module power color again? The seat doesn't work when you use the GN/BK on pin #2 to power the module and I don't want to go hooking up wires at random for fear of hurting something. Thanks, Steve

Sure, glad the passenger works, I hope the connector diagram helped.


The green/black is the heated seat module power along with the pink/black through the seat heater switch. Sorry about that but no harm by having power there.


Use the orange/yellow for module power, and the brown for ground, It is shown as not used on the ground diagram but it is worth connecting to keep transients out.



Let me know if that works,





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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It worked ! Thanks for your patience. BTW it did not work until I grounded the brown wire. I appreciate your help - it was certainly worth the $32. I would never figured it out on my own. I am giving you the highest rating possible. Thanks again, XXXXX