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Ferrari 328 GTS: I have a ferrari 328 GTS european version VIN

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I have a ferrari 328 GTS european version

VIN # XXXXX A20S 000 078 026

Is this car a 1988 or 1989?


amd_hcds :

Hello and thank you for choosing just answer.

amd_hcds :

You vehicle is either from sweden or switzerland, If your vehicle was originally from the north american or middle eastern market then you may tell the model year from the VIN, for the european models you cannot, They will all have 0 on the 10th digit which is the model year, On the north american and middle eastern models it will have a letter which indicates a certain year model.

amd_hcds :

The only way to find the model year is to look for stickers around the vehicle for a production date.

amd_hcds :

Or on the papers of the vehicel.

amd_hcds :

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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