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I have a fuel odor after I drive the car.

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I have a fuel odor after I drive the car. Sporadic but daily. No noticable pattern. 2008 CTS LLT 6 speed manual. Most commonly smell outside car near drivers door, maybe rear wheel. Sometimes under hood, not always. Sometimes inside, not always. Smell location oputside breeze dependent. No visible leaks/drips/wet spots. Dealer can't find it. Held fuel psi on check. One nite so bad I had to drive with the windows open. Any ideas? Dealer proposes dropping tank and changing EVAP canister. $$$ Another option is UV fuel dye and pull intake manifold. P.S. I am a way above average DIY mechanic.(race engines )
Hi there and thanks for using just answer. I am AutoGuy99 and would like to try and help you with your question.

Sounds like your purge solenoid valve (EVAP System) isn't working. The fumes from the gas tank get pulled into the intake, or canister. If this system fails you get the smell of fuel. Curious any codes/engine light ?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No MIL or codes. If failure of that valve gives me the smell of fuel, I'll be changing that first before digging deeper. There are two valves, the purge one on the engine and the vent one on the canister. What do you think, is one more likely, or just change both?
Most of the time it is the purge valve on the canister. The canisters vent so that is how you get the odor. Sometimes you will need to change the canister because it get contaminated. Also when filling your car with gas you should always stop when the pump clicks off. Topping off after the first click isn't good for the EVAP system.

I hope this information helps. Positive rating would be great. Feel free to ask me anymore questions. Thanks again for using just answer.
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