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I have a condition whereby spark plugs are good, I think wire contacts good, but it seems

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I have a condition whereby spark plugs are good, I think wire contacts good, but it seems like it is missing at low rpm, although it may also be running less than optimum efficiency at higher rpm. I have second problem which may be related: as I fill up gas tank, nozzle keeps clicking off every 0.2 gals (on average), so I have to trickle gas into tank to fill up. I have had filter & canister replaced, and mechanic subsequently pulled piece of charcoal out of gas pipe. However, condition remains. Catalytic converter needs replacement, according to read out from engine warning light on dash/speedometer. Do not know if they are related. Will bad catalytic converter cause missing sensation at low rpm? Is it possible that last mechanic spilled pieces of charcoal from filter down gas pipe to clog entry to tank? Would charcoal disintegrating particles clog fuel filter? Any insight? Thanks

charles northeimer


Hi, The cat. could cause a lack of power if restricted. charcoal could clog fuel filter if it got into tank. tho I don't believe that the mechanic put any in the line. the breather vent hose must still be plugged if you are unable to pump gas normally.

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