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Fiat: Changing cv joint on Mk1 Punto. Do I have to undo track

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Changing cv joint on Mk1 Punto. Do I have to undo track rod end and the bracket on the bottom of the Mc Pherson strut



Maybe i can help..


There maybe a few ways - one way you could try is removing the lower balljoint from the hub carrier "wishbone" thus you will be able to pull the strut hub carrier towards you at the same time extracting the driveshaft from the rear until its free - you may likely have to knock/shock out the balljoint to free it up and then lever down the wishbone to extract the balljoint from the hub - also as you say you could try removing the lower bolts on the strut thats connect to the hub carrier and try that way - both options as above would benefit from having the track rod end removed and positioned out of the way so your easier to manipulate the hub carrier when you extracting the driveshaft and installing - also remember to remove the brake caliper which you have to do anyway and maybe the carrier if preferred and tie up the caliper with either cables tights etc somewhere around the inner arch so you dont have the caliper hanging/dangling around on just the brake hose - also before you remove anything as above, ensure you have actually freed up the centre hub/driveshaft bolt enough roughly so its easier to undo by hand....

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