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caughlins, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  ASE Advanced engine diagnosis master technician. Factory Trained on Bentley, Lamborghini, Lotus and Jaguar
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My husband owns a 2001 Ferrari Modena 360, he was driving an

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My husband owns a 2001 Ferrari Modena 360, he was driving an all of a sudden the car just shut down, lost power. Had it towed to the shop and they stated it had a fuel leak. the mechanic later started it up and then something happened to the car...according to the mechanic the connector rods are bent causing cylinder head damage. Would this have been why the car lost power before being towed to the shop or has this happened since the car arrived at the shop. If the car had a fuel leak should the shop have started the car? Could starting the car with a fuel leak have caused the connector rods to bend utimately causing cylinder head damage?

caughlins :

Given the way it is explained. Loss of power. diagnosed as fuel leak. Then started later to have a larger issue. The car would need to be started to diagnose where the fuel is leaking or if it has been repaired.If the fuel leak was from the injector it could have filled a cylinder. Which would bend a rod. I would suspect that the loss of power might not have been a fuel leak. When was the timing belt service done last on the car? A skipped tooth on the timing belt could cause valve damage which would cause a loss in power and a smell of raw fuel from the tail pipe. If you have more information on what the mechanic is saying I can better assist you -Colin-


Hi Colin, our first estimate Jan 2012 ( after car in shop for 2 mths)stated engine not running & oil leak...estimate stated need gaskets, seal ring, gasket for rear cover, more gaskets, angolar speed sensor, & 2 timing belts. We said ok fix...waiting for parts 3 mths later still no parts for the car.March 2012 Mechanic started the car while my husband was at the shop and it started but was running rough and started to bang & knocking husband told him to turn it off. Received email stating mechanic found damage in engine timing causing major damage. Next email May replaced variator for the rhs engine bank, temporay fixed timing and all covers to start the car. Next email June the engine has now been removed and they state that the connector rods are bend which has caused damage to the cylinder heads. How can the estimate go from timing belts and gaskets to bent connector rods and cylinder head damage when the car has been in their shop for 6 months???????? I think someone screwed up at the shop and now they are trying to say that all of this occured happened before bringing the car to their shop. We are Canadians living in Bahrain (Middle east) and purchased the car here. We are dealing with Euro Motors which is the Ferrari dealership here. We are not mechanics and just want to know if all of this is possible or are they trying to scam us about the damage to the vehicle. We bought the car used from a dealership but was previously owned by the King of Bahrain and only has 41000km on it. Please educate us, so we aren't going into a meeting unprepared.


caughlins :

So it took three months for them to fix the car and then they started it in front of your husband? That is when it started making the noise? Then they say the engine is now damaged? This sounds like the timing belts where not installed correctly or there was a failure. Were the cylinder heads removed as part off the reseal? Head gaskets? It sounds as though they have a hand in the damaged caused. Or they did not diagnose the problem right in the first place and spent allot of time and money in the wrong direction. If you have the text from the emails Icould read that and help as well. -Colin-

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