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/C compressor can be hooked to an electric motor..gallons..10 minutes

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I am trying to build a pump to collect used motor oil. I am wondering if a powersteering pump or A/C compressor can be hooked to an electric motor and be used to pump the oil from one place to another. I need to be able to move about 50 gallons in 10 minutes or less. It will need to be able to pull the oil thru a 50 ft hose.
Hello, a power steering pump would work but if you are wanting something self contained, try a sump pump used for draining water from a basement or a sewage pump as it can handle smaller pieces of solid waste without clogging up.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
A sump pump will not work. Most oil is in 55gal barrels so it will not fit thru the bung hole

Ok, I Have seen some pumps That might be able to handle the viscosity of oil with a inlet/ outlet.. Fab up a quick disconnect and you're in business. Possibly this pump or This one. I'm assuming your wanting to keep cost down and these to are not to bad..


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
For OIL they are no good. They pump about 30 GPH
OK... to slow. If I may ask, where you wanting to do something custom, or to buy something out right? What's your budget?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
$150 or less. I have tried several different pumps. Even a gasoline pump. But all of them have turned out to be not good for oil. The only one so far that has worked was a hand crank barrel pump that I got from harbor Freight. but it wears me out to move 50 gals of oil.
Ok. I bet it does!! How good are you at fabricating? remove the handle and put a gear or pully on it? It wouldn't take much to mount a 1x6 to the top of the bung spout and mount a motor and a love joy coupler to it and make it direct drive. or drive it with a 18 volt drill chucked to it?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have actually already started working on that. My first attempt failed because I was pushing the oil thru the 50ft hose and it built to much pressure and blew the hose off the pump. Now I am trying to put the hose on the suction side of the pump and pull the oil thru the 50 ft hose.

Good Idea I think... Easy to hook up, portable, and easy to replace if it goes south!!!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I still need to know about a power steering pump ot AC compressor.
An A/c compressor will not pull that heavy of a fluid but the power steering pump would. Don't think the flow rate would be high enough though. A good filter system would have to be used either way because if anything very big got in there it would trash it pretty quick.
I gotta ask, why the steering pump or A/C? Just to see if you can do it? Just curious..
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Because I believe the power steering pump can last longer. They work for years on cars without problem. also some can pressuize up to 1200psi. I just do not know if they can create a suction or if they just pressurize the oil that is supplied to them. A/C pumps can create a vaccuum and can pressurize upto about 300 psi. I just do not know if they can handle oil since Freon is a thin liguid to Gas.
I see.. I would do a small scale experiment with the power steering pump... if the oil is very cold it might take a second to prime but it would pull it.
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