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XL-7: 2.5 inches with a high flow cat and a turbo muffler..chip

Customer Question

I have a 2002 Suzuki, XL-7 and have plans to install a cold air intake and increase the
exaust to 2.5 inches with a high flow cat and a turbo muffler. Also, planed is to install a
a computer chip for increased fuel economy. Do think the plan has marret?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Greg replied 5 years ago.
Name is Greg and i will assist you the best i can, please Only accept if you are happy with my answer.

This is normally the most intelligent start to increasing engine power .
So yes the cold air intake and the exhaust system is the best start .

With the cold air system its very important that the filter is prepared correctly as over oiling them will cause MAF problems due to oil getting onto the heated element and sticking causing the MAF to give wrong air flow data resulting in a bad running car with a very high consumption of fuel.

Exhaust make sure you get a well known system with a good cat like magnaflow
exhaust system or flowmasters both very good and the cats work well with them
on this car.

Chip tuning that's a personal view ,i would recommend remapping as to bolt on chips

Need further assistance then please get back to me.

Kind regards greg .