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somewhere..dashboard..reservoir for the drainage..coolant system

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I have a 2001 Landrover Discovery II. I can hear water moving somewhere around behind the dashboard when the car is moving.Is there some kind of reservoir for the drainage from aircond that might be blocked? the coolant system is not losing water!

that sounds like the AC condenser isn't draining as the water thats extracted from the air to dry it is collected and then drains out under the car

if this drain is blocked then water will build up and eventually run out of the vents

the drains are under the car about halfway down the transmission tunnel they underneath on either side of the "hump" between the passenger and driver foot wells. They are 2 small black rubber nipples, try giving both of them a tweak to encourage the water to flow out

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Sorry, but had a look and no water is coming out of the drains, it appears that the water is in the heater coils !
Is that possible and how do I stop the sloshing sound?

water won't flow out of the drains on its own if they are blocked
you have the pull on the nipples and possibly use a thin screwdriver to work through the hole and get them flowing again

the heater matrix is what is filled with water normally to transfer the heat from the engine ino the air and if there's air in the cooling system then this can cause it to slosh around so ensure that the cooling system is entirely full and bled of air

So check that the small hoses that run from the top of the engine and radiator that run back to the header / expansion tank are free flowing and not blocked

If these are OK then remove the tank pressure cap and run the engine from cold with the heater set to full hot

As the engine starts to warm, squeeze the large hoses running to the radiator to help displace any air - all the time keeping an eye on the level in the header tank, making sure it doesn't drop below the minimum

Once the engine is up to temperature the tank should be quite full. Switch the engine off and leave it to cool

Then top up to the mark once its all cold and replace the cap

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