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Dad Mechanic
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my plymouth fail to start when outside temp is +90 degrees

Customer Question

The 2 front fans on my Plymouth fail to start when outside temp is +90 degrees, which kills the a/c. When temp moderates fans/ a/c work OK.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Dad Mechanic replied 5 years ago.

Dad Mechanic :

Sorry for your problem. I am here to try and assist you.Well you could have many differant problems causing your problem. We should start at the 2 fan relays in the under the hood fuse box. if you remove both relays, look at the relay they should show a diagram of the terminals. Number 30 is the power on all the time. you can check tis corrisponding terminal in the fuse box to see if there is power there. I have to look at a relay to see which terminal powers up the fans. probably both fan motor are bad but lets check to be sure. You should not run the car until fans are repaired as you may damage the engine!!!

Dad Mechanic :

Ok terminal 87 should be the terminal going to the fan motor. if we have power to terminal # XXXXX in the box if you jump the power to terminal # XXXXX all of this in the terminal box under the hood your fan should run. if they run fans are good. each relay runs a differnt fan. Let me know how you make out. I'm here to help. Jim!!!