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why does the room fuse keep blowing on my 1991 rodeo 3.1

Customer Question

why does the room fuse keep blowing on my 1991 rodeo 3.1
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  CarQuestionGuy replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for asking your question on JustAnswer. My name is Steve and I'll do my best to answer your question.

Which fuse is blowing? What's the fuse number and what is the fuse for?

Do you have any other problems with the car?

When did this start?

Have you had any recent work done on the car?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
hey i'm not with the vehical right now but its called the room fuse it controls the injectors its not my car and its been down for over a year, i have fuel to the injectors and fire to the injectors but they want spray gas, i can pour gs in the tb it cranks and shuts off after the gas is burned out, the room fuse blows every time i put a new on in , even with the ignition off
Expert:  CarQuestionGuy replied 5 years ago.
Is this fuse the room fuse inside the car or under the hood? There are two fuse boxes and I need to know which one you are talking about.
You are saying that you have power to the injectors?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
its the one inside the vehicle , yes theres power to the injectors, when i chcek the injector pugs i have power on both leads when connected , and power only on one when chcked with the injcetor unpluged unplug
Expert:  CarQuestionGuy replied 5 years ago.
It doesn't really matter that there is power TO the injectors. The computer controls the injectors by grounding that circuit. So if the computer is not grounding it then they won't spray fuel.
Are the wires you are checking at the injectors colored light green and black for one wire and black and blue for the other wire?
Do these wires have power even when the fuse has blown?

I'll wait for your answer on that to look into this further, but I'll give you some ideas of things that will help you figure this problem out. Here is a list of things that are controlled by that fuse:
1) Interior Lights
2) Cargo Light
3) Seat Belt Reminder Buzzer
4) ECM Controller (Relay) (This relay is found under the hood)
5) Radio
6) Ignition Key Switch

One of the things you can try is disconnecting any of these that you can (one at a time) then putting the fuse back in. If the fuse does not blow then you have found the circuit that has the short.

You might want to get a fuse tester (there is one called the "fuse buddy") to do this testing or you can just go buy a bunch of fuses.

Expert:  CarQuestionGuy replied 5 years ago.
Just checking to see if you have been able to look at any of the things I mentioned. I can help you more whenever you are ready.