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When ever the engine warms up the car stalls...hoses are connected

Customer Question

I have a 07 speed3. When ever the engine warms up the car stalls. None of the hoses are connected to the bov, could this be the problem?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Chris replied 5 years ago.

jeep10000 :

After it stalls, will it start right back up, or do you have to wait until the engine cools down a bit?

JACUSTOMER-gje8v5g2- : It'll start but it won't idle it'll just start and die til the engine cools down. I didnt want to keep messing with it so I only tried to start it I ce after
jeep10000 :

If you were to keep your foot on the throttle a little can you keep it idling?

JACUSTOMER-gje8v5g2- : Once*
jeep10000 :

Can you keep it idling if you hold your foot on the throttle a little?

JACUSTOMER-gje8v5g2- : No it'll just die, rpms start to rise then it will just cut out and die. Car runs strong tho, starts right up every time but will immediately die.
jeep10000 :

Ok, I do not think that the problem is because the hoses are disconnected from the blow off valve. This sounds to me more like a mass air flow sensor, crank sensor, or cam sensor issue. What I recommend doing is to try and get a scan tool that can display sensor data connected to the vehicle and watch the signals from the cam,crank, and mass air flow sensors. Hopefully this will let you see if any of these signals are dropping out when the engine gets warm.

JACUSTOMER-gje8v5g2- : Is it possible that the maf sensor could be installed backwards? I put a injen ram air intake in it
jeep10000 :

Hmmm, maybe. I have never had a maf sensor installed backwards so I cannot say for sure. You can try turning it around and see what happens I suppose.

JACUSTOMER-gje8v5g2- : Just tried it..maf only goes in one way. If it was a censor wouldent it make a code pop up when I scan it or cause my check engine light to go on?
jeep10000 :

maybe maybe not. If the circuit for a cam and/or crank sensor becomes open or shorted then yes the check engine light would come on and a code set. If the sensor just stopped sending a signal due to being overheated a code may not set. One other thing I am thinking is that it could be the PCM that is failing. The main thing though is to try and get a scan tool and look at sensor data while the problem is happening. That is how I do this. You may be able to rent one from your auto parts store.

JACUSTOMER-gje8v5g2- : What's PCM?
jeep10000 :

The engine computer