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Have another question about 96 land rover discovery

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Have another question about 96 land rover discovery
It seems that there is already an open question on it. If you have trouble logging on you can copy and paste this link, thanks
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I like dealing with you. Talked to about a week ago about Land rover discovery 96. Told you it acted like it was going to die over 50mph. I changed fuel filter and ended up with a lot of leaks. Finally got it all replaced. Still didnt fix problem and service engine light came on. Codes are P1138, P0430, P0420, and P0340. Help!!
I could see the camshaft position sensor giving a problem like that, not so much the cat efficiency codes or the 02 sensor heater code.

DTC P0430
Catalyst efficiency is low, bank B (Driving Cycle C)

Possible causes by suggested order of priority:
  • Catalyst failure.

Catalyst failure.

  • Catalyst failure indicated.



DTC P0340
Camshaft sensor circuit fault or signal timing different from crankshaft sensor signal (Driving Cycle A)

Possible causes by suggested order of priority:

  • Connectors C1017, C1021, C1029.
  • Circuit integrity C1017/36 (RB) - C1021/1 (B).
  • Circuit integrity C1017/2 (SU) - C1021/2 (SU).
  • Circuit integrity C1029/3 (NO) - C1021/3 (NO).
  • Supply from C1029/3.
  • Camshaft position sensor.
  • ECM.

DTC P1138
Oxygen sensor problem with switching lean, sensor(s) for bank A (Driving Cycle C)






Definately make sure that the crankshaft position sensor is not loose. Some had problems with that.



















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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for the advice. Will take a couple days for me to get those checked out.Would like to get back strictly with you. Iam going to accept answer but will request you again.