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suzuki sx4: 000km..driving, as i passed 100km/h..intermittent thump

Resolved Question:

a have a suzuki sx4 (2009, 80 000km). a few days ago, while i was driving, as i passed 100km/h, a strange sound appeared. an intermittent thump would be the best description. thumpthump-thump--thumpthump-thump--thump.. and so on. it sounds frightening and it's quite loud. it seems to me that it comes from the front right side of the car. i reduced speed and it was gone. it happens every time around 110 km/h. first i thought maybe it was the front bull bar that i have (i thought it was loose or something), but i've had it tightly fixed and with no change regarding the sound. other than that, the car is excellent, as if it had just come out of the factory.
please help!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  CarQuestionGuy replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for asking your question on JustAnswer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'll do my best to answer your question.

Have you checked to see how the tires are? You might have lost a chunk of one.

Have you looked under the car in that area to see if anything is hitting anything else or has fallen off?

Have you checked to see if wheel weights have fallen off?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
checked, checked and checked. nothing there..
Expert:  CarQuestionGuy replied 5 years ago.
OK there are several likely causes of your problem.
The first thing that might be causing it is a tire problem. You said you already checked to see if any part of the tire were missing so that is done. But there are some other things that could be causing it. Sometimes the tire comes apart internally and you can't really tell on the outside. One way you could check this would be to put the tire on the other side and see if the noise follows.
You might also have a problem with the rim. This is not as likely unless you have hit something recently, but if you swap tires with the tire on the other side this will help you to know if that is the problem.
Another cause of this could be the wheel bearing. One of the ways you can check this is to jack up that side of the car so the tire is off the ground and try to move the tire up and down and in and out. It will take some good pulling. Then check another tire and compare how much play there is. If it seems like that tire has a lot more play them it is likely that the wheel bearing has gone out.
Suspension components can also cause this type of problem. If your cars struts are worn out they can cause this problem. You might have to have a mechanic check them out to be sure, but one quick check you can do yourself is to push on the front of the car really hard and then let go and see how many times it bounces. If it only bounces up once then down they are probably fine but if it bounces more then that could be a problem.
These are some of the most likely causes. I would probably suspect a tire problem or a wheel bearing problem first.
Do you have any other questions?
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